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It’s Adam Wiltzie of SOTL and Christina Vantzou so they’ve done a few other things… :wink:

Listening to your Pole pick again at the moment. Might be my fave from round 1


This is exactly how I feel about it. It feels like a side project. I don’t want to be too critical of it as it is a good record but SotL always felt like a departure from post-rock, a push towards drone and classical. This record felt like a step backwards.

It largely reminds me that I should listen to Human Bell’s S/T.


Y’know what? In most circumstances I prefer this to SOTL. I love SOTL for falling asleep to (particularly drifting in and out of consciousness on long-haul flights) but I’d opt for something like this for standard home listening.


Next up as pickers will be…


As ever, hit me up if you’re keen


Go on, I’m keen to be aded to the list (gulp).

Great choice by the way @Pale-eyedBadger, I rinsed this a few years back, so always a pleasure to give it another spin. Agree with some of the comments above that it feels like a side project, but that’s no bad thing in this case. Wasn’t it intended to be a AV piece too, so that has an effect on the who construction on the piece.


I’m a really big fan of the Dead Texan album. I agree it does sound a bit side project-ish but I like that about it - it doesn’t feel like it was meant to be an Artistic Statement or whatever, just a collection of lovely sounds loosely arranged. As I’ve mentioned before I got into ambient stuff through modern classical so this was a perfect stepping stone for me when I got to it way back when. Weirdly it made me appreciate Stars of the Lid even more, it sort of made me see And their Refinement of the Decline from a different angle and led me to seeing new things in it that I wasn’t seeing when I just thought of it as, ‘that sleepy album with the nice tones.’

Also @AphexTwinkletoes if we’re volunteering for a second round of picks count me in.


Thanks @old_man_burner and @colossalhorse
What’s the preference from people?

  • Weekly
  • Fortnightly

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Much as I enjoy weekly updates, I struggle to keep up at the best of times and I’d rather soak up an album more before commenting, particularly given that these sort of records aren’t exactly renowned for their immediacy!


…or their brevity.

They’re not the kind of records you can listen to on the move either, so fortnightly would enable more dedicated listening time before the rotation moves on again.


Think it’s decided!


is this still a thing?

because I would like people to join me in revisiting or visiting this album for the first time. I’ve only listened to it in full a few times, for some reason I don’t know. I normally stick ‘A Fool Persists’ on repeat and feel infinitely sad, but the whole thing is… I don’t listen to much drone etc anymore, but this is very special.


Hey buddy. Club is still going - we’ve shifted to fortnightly picks. Will give this a listen :slight_smile:


Here’s my (slightly late, sorry!) pick! It’s not on Bandcamp sadly, but I believe it’s on Spotify (and seems to be spelled wrong).

and someone seems to have uploaded it to YouTube as well (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ur1Ong5wzJg)

Anyway… the pick is Succour by Seefeel (Warp Records, 1995). I almost didn’t pick this because it’s been so sunny lately and everything, but today seems to be kind of cloudy right now and England’s out of the World Cup, so what better time for some austere droniness?

I feel like Seefeel are better-known for the more traditional combination of “shoegaze” and 90s electronic music on Quique (which, in fairness, would be a more summer-suited album). Their second album though is somewhat more ambiguously murky and dark: the highly textural, dubby moodiness reminds me at points of what Burial would do almost a decade and a half later.

My main memory of this album, incidentally, is of listening to it as a teenager. A really overcast (black clouds, the works) Winter’s day outside, and I’m sitting in my tiny room reading about another teenager going through his own dark Winter (in Catcher in the Rye, which I was reading for school). So I always kind of associate the album with the snowy sometimes-bleak-sometimes-melancholy New York of that novel. (With occasional hints of the Hong Kong level in Deus Ex, too?)

But you didn’t need to know any of that. Happy listening!



Quique is pretty much perfection, and this is very very very good. Looking foward to diving back in.


Ah yes, one of those clanky semi-industrial techno albums that they don’t make that often any more.


Hi new poster. This is a fortnightly listening club thread where a user picks an album for us to discuss every couple of weeks.


OOps sorry bout that


Randomly I was listening to this for the first time in about a year earlier this morning - great timing! :grinning:


Back to some live-listening for a Friday morning. First of all, great choice, and good one for going past Quique (which is a top 10 of all time for me) and onto something different. I always felt this was quite in debt to the more colder and more alien tracks of SAWII - it certainly has a stark, metallic atmosphere, or brings to mind something subterranean, perhaps with a nice mercury filled lake of blackness. Meol is a great intro…


Despite being quite repetitive, the warm bass (from early Seefeel) and clanking rhythm of Extract keep it pretty compelling. I like the echoing vocals throughout, which again bring to mind something subterranean. When Face Was Face is one of the strongest tracks in my view, fussy and interesting after a stuttering opener, and then again, pulses of bass - they really make a lot of use of rhythm throughout. Beautifully pieced together.