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Things ratchet up a notch with a second standout track in Fracture, which adds distorted beats over chiming synths (or are they still treated guitars). Really good.


Gonna bang this on now


Definitely “this”.


Mixing it up now with that deep bass propelling Gatha into the middle of the album. I like that despite not using too many different elements, there’s still a lot of variety across the tracks.


That hitting-a-bin-lid-with-a-stick snare is so satisfying. Properly hypnotic track this - never have that confidence in my own work to just really let a loop go on like they do here.


Sorry, just made myself a sandwich. Ruby-ha is a lot less jolly than it’s title would suggest, back into some decent bass with Rupt. Accompanies a cheese sandwich very nicely.


On Ruby-Ha now. Love the use of the soft vocal samples in contrast with the industrial percussion throughout the album.


Rupt is very very good, innit. Brooding and serene all at once. Nice kinda call and response in the treble.


And here we go into Vex, which is a definite late highlight, fast, percussive and driving, perhaps close to Industrious from Quique (ah, I love Quique, and Polyfusia). Cut uses the ‘same repeated note’ trick that I like in a lot of music, and to be honest I’d have preferred as a closer to Utreat (which is one of those downbeat closers that I don’t really feel adds to the album and leaves you with a slightly “ho hum” taste in your mouth).

Great album though, and would be great to work to if I didn’t keep getting distracted by doing this!


So good opportunity to plug Quique (which needs its own slot in time), their S/T of a few years back (which was again heavy on rhythm, but with some good glitch) and Mark Clifford’s other work as Oto Hiax (which I believe @AphexTwinkletoes put me onto). All worth following up on.


Yes to all of this. Been revisiting my 2018 playlist on spotify recently and had Oto Hiax lined up for another listen. Quique is essential listening really.


Totally with you on Utreat. Bit of a damp squib to close out a really excellent album. Love how clanky all the percussion is. Kind of a shame they disappeared for so long after this.


Utreat has grown on me over the years. I love that kind of ascension culminating in a kind of chord if that makes sense


Doesn’t spoil a great album, and I do always listen to the end (the plus side is it gets me looking for the next pick!) - thanks again for reacquainting me with it!


Even though it was my choice, I’m finally sitting down and listening to it again in full (having meant to for the past week or so). Listening to ‘Ruby-Ha’, the structures are quite simple but the constituent sounds are so compelling and evocative.


Also next up on my iTunes library for them is, weirdly, their cover of a Maximo Park track


nice choice. Never heard of Seefeel before. Good rainy day listening. Had to double check my playlist after hearing the nice ambient clank of Rupt, then hearing what I thought was something off a Downward Spinal from NIN that my computer just decided to switch to. Just turned out to be the next track Vex. Sat back in my chair nodded my head with a nice little smirk, ok ok. Now I have to revisit their whole discography, as if I’m not behind enough. Thanks. :joy:


Another good point to go to (especially if you’re already a Cocteau Twins fan) would be Cocteau Twins’ EP ‘Otherness’, which is basically Seefeel remixes of Cocteaus tracks (they toured together in the 90s, and I believe one band that opened for Seefeel at least once was Boards of Canada in one of their handful of live shows).

‘Quique’ is great too, basically the combination of dub and shoegaze that should really be more explored territory


SELECTION TIME: I’m going to be awkward and actually pick two records for my first pick…

Bee Mask - Vapourware / Scanops https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/vaporware-scanops-ep/559887163
Donato Dozzy - Plays Bee Mask https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/plays-bee-mask/672103618

I remember the first time I heard Vapourware on a good pair of headphones and being utterly mesmerised. It sounds like having your soul downloaded through a particularly shaky connection and then ending up in some vast crystal underground afterworld, as your soul harmonises with the universe itself. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve played it since, but the shifting rhythms and effects mean my ears always lock into something else, some suggested rhythm or motif that I hadn’t noticed before.

The second track, Scanops, is also fairly special, but it’s Vapourware that owns the core of my soul.

…and then there’s Donato Dozzy’s remix album, which gives you another seven ways to listen to Vapourware, all highlighting different aspects and themes from the original composition. I know it’s a little cheeky suggesting two albums - maybe think of the second as a follow up suggestion for anyone who really vibes with the first.

PS - is it a mask made of Bees, or a mask that makes you look like a Bee?


Nice - not familiar with this