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3 mins in and this is hypnotic


Obviously not something many folks can relate to right now, but it’s really interesting listening to this with the context of having heard your own compositions. Were you into the stuff like Ital’s Hive Mind around the same time?


Interesting - I’d see this as more an inspiration than a direct influence on the stuff I produce, although the use of atonal stuff and noise is something that I guess runs through them both. Now I’ve got my hands on something a bit more analogue gear, I’m interested in trying to push a bit more in this sort of direction next. I don’t know how vapourware was made, but I suspect it involved sequencers playing different length patterns with tempos designed to sync up every so often in a generative / iterative sort of approach. The sequencer on the mini brute 2S might be just the ticket.

Haven’t heard Hive Mind, but have enjoyed the bits of Ital that I’ve heard before. I’ll check it out.


Yeah it feels like you’re drawing textural inspiration from whats going on with the treble but then tying it more to beats.


It wasn’t deliberate, but it probably seeped in. If I was giving a run down of my influences on the album it would probably be: Underworld, BLONDES, Swans (the endless repetition as a canvass for noise approach and the aim for sublimation through hypnosis, shame I find it so troubling to listen to these days given the accusations) and Pompeii era Floyd (watch Gilmour murdering his guitar on Saucerful of Secrets) - there’s probably a load of other stuff seeped in too though.

This may not be the best thread for this stuff though… As you point out not many people have heard it yet (being unreleased and all that). Back to Bee Mask :slight_smile:


Oh yeah I can see this.

Listened to half the Donny D last night. Lovely stuff. Gonna bang it on again later.


Only just got round to posting about the Seefeel album from weeks ago. It was really good! I didn’t know it beforehand, never having explored them past Quique. Had a much more clanky industrial feel to it, with a murky subterranean vibe that I very much enjoyed.


No more takers for my lovely Bee Mask suggestion? It is good. I promise.


It’s dead good


Don’t really post ITT but the original and the Donato Dozzy record are both favourites of mine. Great choice :slight_smile:


I’ve been listening to it a lot over the past week, but not had much time to write up my thoughts. There are parts of it that actually remind me of Steve Reich’s stuff. Music for 18 Musicians which I wasn’t really expecting, but greatly enjoyed. Might be because of the polyrhythms and the xylophone style tones.

Will try to put down some actual coherent thoughts on it this week!


^ Exactly this. Bit out of my depth in here, but Bee Mask is the absolute best. Like his early tape stuff the best, but this one is an absolute stinger as well. Doesn’t seem to be doing much these days. Anybody know what he’s up to?


I’m playing catch-up at the mo. I’ve only got around to listening to the Seefeel album*


*which is great btw… very chilled out dub kind of vibes. Going to go back and listen to Quique now… it’s been a while. Solid choice.


Nah, all opinions are valid!


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I forgot to post anything, but the Steve Reich comparison was something that struck me as well.

Really enjoyed it when I heard it last week, should probably give it a second listen!


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oof absolutely loving this


Tim Hecker Is Back Baby - very very very pumped for this