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Where should I go next with him? I’d literally never encountered his work before the album posted


actually I just put Sirimiri on and this is exactly the kind of thing I’m always looking for when I’m looking for drone


As @GrandMoffTarkin’s said The Shameless Years is ruddy brilliant. Top 5 album for me last year so I highly recommend that.


A Fragile Geography was the one that really grabbed me


anyone discussing new Aphex anywhere?!

1st 44 :astonished::heart_eyes::sunglasses::star_struck:


I will happily dicuss in the Aphex Twin thread


Given this a good listen today and I’m really enjoying it.
Every now and again I’ll find myself wanting to listen to GAS but without the insistent beats that are mostly a feature of his work: this totally scratches that itch. No idea if that makes any sense.


Hiya @AphexTwinkletoes, got my next recommended lined up so please stick me on the list…


19th Sept @maggieloveshopey
3rd oct @wonton
17th oct @funkycow


Evening all, my next pick is “Fairchildren” by Ott.

I came across Ott two or three years ago, late on the last night of a festival. Knew nothing about him, but I wandered into the dance tent and fell in love with his psychedelic digidub sound. Fairchildren is his most recent album, but still dates back to 2015. He’s not a prolific lad.

This isn’t a difficult or challenging music, quite the opposite. Paradoxically, that makes it quite hard to write about. Pleasure doesn’t need analysis, and this is a soft warm enveloping cocoon of a record, one that captures the feeling of delicious unawareness in the moment you wake up before reality hits, but is also like laying on the grass and watching the clouds and sky on a summer’s day with no particular place to go. It’s wonderfully constructed, lush, unhurried and full of small details and touches that betray hours and hours spent over its creation (please listen on a decent set of headphones or speakers if you can).

Clearly, I really like this, but I’m half expecting it to be quite a divisive pick. The psydub / psybient genre it’s come out of is, let’s face it, ripe for ridicule. On top of that, the artwork is terrible, there are parts that stray very close to d_bst_p, and the floaty wordless ‘ethnic’ vocal samples won’t be to everyone’s taste. Basically what I’m saying is that, yes, it stinks of hippies, but trust me, none of that matters when you are listening to this blissful warm bath of an album.


oooooo havent heard OTT in a bit… Psydub!! Looking forward to diving back into this. Always remember OTT as a collaborator with Simon Posford from Hallucinogen (who I also need to dive back into). Now here in the states Simon Posford and OTT have played for a “psy-trance” band the Disco Biscuits from Philadelphia who host an annual festival called Camp Bisco in the Northeast. God awful lyrics and voices but who have an uncanny talent for attracting electronic and psy dub/trance to their festivals. OTT stole the show one year I was there in like 2014 or 2015. Really looking forward to this…


the female background vocalist eerily reminds me of the take 3.5 minutes in on “Smack My Bitch Up” by Prodigy. This is phenomenal so far, but being a major fan of the the genre I knew it would be. Definitely a acquired taste but right up my alley. So much going on and I’m only 15 minutes in…


May well be top 10 of the decade for me… Interested to hear how folks find it.


Yep, there’s loads of intricacy just below the surface, which keeps me coming back, but ultimately it’s music which conveys a real sense of joy and wonder. It’s… fun.

So bloody ripe, although I have a very soft spot for the awful artwork. My only beef with it is that it makes

feel more like cultural appropriation, particularly when the art is very ‘exotic’ woman :grimacing: That said, Ott has always seemed to avoid that side of the genre, which is probably part of why I love his music so much. It’s just a pure expression of joy.


The section of Harwell Dekatron just after 4 mins is so good. Absolute masterclass in the use of space in a mix.


Think the best thing about this record is the real build of energy through Unit Delta Plus with that thumping lilting rhythm into Hello My Name Is and then the higher tempo of The Bicycle of the Sky.

HMNI is probably the standout on the album for me. Vocal samples are wonderful and I love that silly funk guitar in the background. Breakdown in the middle section is Prefuse 73-esque with the chopping of the vocals and the last section is just straight-up euphoric.


I’m intrigued by this. No idea if it’s going to be my thing or not, but totally open to having my mind expanded by some psydub.




I’m going in with an open mind too

Ott and psydub all new to me. I like dubby things… what can go wrong?!


Go in with an open mind, come out with an open soul

Been on a bit of an Ott binge today. Top 5 tracks:

Rogue Bagel
Squirrel and Biscuits
Smoked Glass and Chrome
Hello, My Name Is…
The Aubergine of the Sun