Electronic / IDM / Ambient / Drone listening club


Thanks, AT

Ooooh, a picker?


Might feel that I’d be too ‘obvious’. Why not put me on the roster…at the very end of the roster!



Actually, I might have a good one.

Is the brief to bring ‘classics’ to the thread, or is as much about ‘records that I know are frickin brilliant and you should all know it too’?



Either! Brief is to bring a record you think people will enjoy discussing. Could be a classic you fancy revisiting, a hidden gem you think everyone should hear, or just an album you want to revisit or explore deeper. For me, it was great to sit down and really listen to Shenzhou as it’s normally something I’ll just throw on in the background while working.


So, I’ve been rinsing this. I think I love it more that Substrata. And that was easily top 10. So, yeah, wow.


can I get in on this? Sorry I’m late


Have enjoyed this, while never quite being gripped by it. Some very pretty, yet deep and dark classical tape loops. Path Leading to the High Grass is v good.


Im in if its not too late


Been doing a lot of late-night coding recently, and this album has been great. Particularly love Houses on the Hill - it’s got a relentlessness about it. Many more listens to come I reckon. Checked out La Mer also - enjoyed the prelude a lot, but the bombast all got a bit much in the end.


Yep I’ll add you to the list along with @mroc


High praise indeed! Substrata is still the ambient album for me but this and Cirque would both probably be top 10. As noted previously, this one feels weirdly slept on.


Sorry struggled to find the time this week to do much dedicated listening but have had it on at work and fell asleep last night listening to it also :grinning:

I’m still not totally into it if I’m honest. I mean, it is great, and I do enjoy it as an album but I find it hard to get totally in to, and it never completely envelopes me in the same way which say Substrata and Cirque do. I’m not sure why, I think it is the more classical influence maybe. It feels a little too oppressive at times.

Still, very nice in places and would go to it over a great deal of ambient albums. Green Reflections is a delight. In fact (listening again now) the flow of that, into Bose-Einstein Condensation & Gravity Assist is pretty incredible. What a way out to see the LP. Beautiful.


Surprised you’re the only person (other than me) highlighting this sequence - it’s incredible. A kind of lightness after what has come before followed by falling down a sonic abyss.

Interesting point on the classical influence - I’m not normally a fan of the classical/ambient intersection but this really works for me. Maybe because it feels oppressive at points unlike, say, Nils Frahm.


Yea, its sublime the whole end passage of the album. Stopped me in my tracks (that is, typing!) and just made me sit back. I love it.

The album definitely fits into interesting use of classical influence - as often ‘modern classical’ comes across as cheesy or forced whereas this is neither of those.


Hello! Worth having a listen to this for those after a post-club vibe: https://www.residentadvisor.net/podcast-episode.aspx?id=605

Chris SSG knows his ambient/IDM stuff having spent years curating club/ambient nights in Tokyo as well as having a hand in the defunct mnmlssgs blog (also worth checking the archive of - except for the fact it looks like a dodgy page pretending to be official fm is currently blocking it)


wrong thread :wink:


I’ve been dipping in and out of the album since this thread started, but haven’t yet found the time to sit down and have a proper listen. It does sound up my street though, and I haven’t listened to biosphere before (despite being on my to-do list for ages after seeing positive mentions of them this board).

The relentless quanitity (and quality) of new bands to listen to means older stuff often gets shunted out of the way and I often need a new album by a band to encourage me to go backwards (eg. listened to a lot of Gas last year after Narkopop).

So this thread is good, and I’m happy to be on the roster.


Ace! Kinda jealous of someone getting to hear Biosphere’s classics for the first time. Can vividly remember listening to Substrata for the first time after getting it for my 18th along with a new sound system and Kobresia absolutely blowing my mind.


Got some work to do this evening, so planning on diving back in again to Shenzhou again at home.

Did some reading around about the bonus album as a lot of the titles appeared linked and are geographically rooted around Kent and it piqued my interest. Seems he was commissioned to write a series of works to commemorate the opening of ‘The Samphire Tower’ (great name) on the coast path just outside Dover. This looks great:


May need someone to stand in for today’s planned pick. Hit me up if you want to choose something.


All right team, my pick this week is a pulsey drone ambient album that shaped my listening habits for over a decade now.

Loscil - First Narrows

Scott Morgan is one my all-time favourite musicians and his intricate and almost delicate musical composition Ms hide an urgency and darkness. Almost all feature his native Vancouver Island home, but the organic and in organic sound merged and mesh wonderfully.

I’ve picked First Narrows as it the most focused of his releases, but my favourite is either Submers, Endless Falls, or maybe Sketches from New Brighton.

Hope you all like it / like revisiting it.