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Great selection - a real personal favourite. As with Shenzhou, looking forward to giving this some closer listens to work out why it resonates so strongly with me.


Oh gosh, that shift in the pads at 1:22 in the title track is so simple but so gooood.

There’s something very nautical about the way these tracks gently ebb and flow. First Narrows does it through a similar kind of call and response between bass and melody to that in Ancient Campfire while all the other elements shimmer around them.


Both of my earlier comments are about Sickbay - got confused on titles

With this era of Loscil it simultaneously feels like he’s wearing his influences firmly on his sleeves while drawing from all over the place so the end-product sounds utterly unique. To my mind you have:

  • Tracks built up from gradually increasing layers of very discrete short phrases of melody/harmony/rhythm which gives me proper feels for early Autechre
  • The rhythms are pure Mille Plateaux clicks & cuts - a clear shift away from the drum-machine era of early ambient techno
  • The harmonies hover and swirl in a way which harks back to Gas
  • The use of more organic-sounding string instruments feels like it’s picking from the sort of ambient music that was coming out of Japan in the mid-90s/early-00s

And the result is just splendid.


To me this is a great comparison and compliment. It lead to find so many other artist in a similar genre. I was actually recommended this stuff here on the DiS boards by @marckee back in the old forums. Really set everything else apart.


Great stuff - I stumbled upon last years Monument Builders and liked enough of it to want to dig deeper into Loscil but I hadn’t gotten around to it yet. Looking forward to hearing this.



I was contemplating picking Plume for a future pick as it is my favourite Loscil record.

This is an excellent excuse to five FN more of my attention.



Sorry mate, my flight was late in last night and I’m pretty fucked. Thanks sheeldz for stepping in - happy to contribute going forward. Apologies for letting you down at the last minute


No problem! You ok for next week? I’ll be in the Finnish wilderness with no internet so please rope in someone else if needed :slight_smile:


Edit: I’ll post it in the other thread


I’ll know probably at the end of the day whether I can do it - I may be in Copenhagen next Thursday. Will let you know.

Time to stick my headphones on…


Not listened to this in ages tbf. First listened to Loscil with Endless Falls, so that’s the LP that gets the most attention from me. Looking forward to spending some time with this one


Sublime! Great pick.

I’ve never listened to Sketches from New Brighton either so i’m going to spin that this week also seeing as you rate it as a potential favourite.


It’s wonderful - a bit darker in tone, and maybe my second favourite Loscil album after First Narrows


As with my pick, weirdly jealous of folks hearing this for the first time. For me it has a warm familiarity which feels a bit like the music giving me a hug (most notably, the bass on First Narrows) but I would love to be able to go back and listen with fresh ears.


Really enjoying listening to this at work this morning. Perfect soundtrack to writing a report


My mind recalls having spun Endless Falls, but I can’t remember when, so perhaps this is my first (certainly first proper) Loscil listen.
Loving it so far. In fact am going to stop listening so I can walk home with it playing instead.
Further impressions to follow I guess.


Check out the bloody jetsetters upthread. I’m lucky if I get to travel outside the M60 these days…

Looking forward to playing this week’s pick this evening. Loscil were a highlight of one of the recent DiS mixtape exchanges, but I hadn’t got round to investigating further, so this is a perfect excuse to do so.


no glamour, just crushing tiredness, gate changes, pret sandwiches and flights/taxis to nondescript hotels. Perfect listening conditions though…


Yeah, I was only kidding above - I know the lure of, and actual experience of business travel are generally inversely proportional to each other. I appreciate working close to home, but maybe just occasionally I’d like to leave Salford…


my regular daily commute is driving through Salford so feel the pain!

listened through this Loscil album twice this morning - lovely stuff. Great to have this thread as a guide through some artists who I’ve listened to before but their discography is pretty massive and getting a starting point back into them is great.