Electronic / IDM / Ambient / Drone listening club


Another great choice, gah, I’m already behind on listening club!

I really liked Morgan’s collaboration with Mark Bridges on Kranky last year, well worth a listen:

I love that he makes this incredible music as Loscil, but was also the drummer for Destroyer on two of my favourite albums (Rubies & Streethawk), so looking forward to revisiting First Narrows again now.

I really enjoyed the few listens I’ve managed to give Shenzhou so far. It’s such a superb headphone listen, and unfortunately time is limited for that currently. The studio Sonos just doesn’t do it any justice really.

So yeah, thanks for the great choices!


Somehow missed this yesterday, better get on it now (and set this thread to watching).

Always down for some Loscil, don’t know this one though


Really enjoying this. I’ll write a more detailed reply later but in the meantime how are all pronouncing Loscil?

  • Low-sill
  • Loss-ill
  • Low-skill
  • Loo-sill
  • Lucille
  • Loose seal

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Ive always said Los-schill


I’ve said it a lot. Even said it to the man himself in Glasgow as Lossill and got no corrections.


It is a shortening of Low Oscillator innit, so could be both.


I note it’s short for looping oscillator so Loss-ill makes sense.


Ah, there it is.


Enlightening. Cheers guys.

I will have thoughts on the record itself soon but needless to say, it’s a cracker.


Just listened to this now, loved it. About to give it another spin. Is that a cello on the last track?



I’m going to name drop here, but I asked Scott (!) and this is what he said.


Listened on the train to the Loscil recommended album. Not listened in a few years. What an album.


Been listening to this a lot over the last week - another great recommendation. Pretty much exactly what I’d hoped it would be from the limited Loscil I’d heard before.

Lucy Dub and First Narrows are highlights I think - I like the steady pulse and gurgling synths of the former and the glitchiness of the latter.


I’ll probably only get the one listen to this before tomorrow’s next installment…but it has reminded me Loscil’s brilliance…so no doubt he’ll be on rotation over the coming weeks.

Had First Narrows on whilst stripping wallpaper earlier…ideal activity as it takes some concentration but is passive enough to take in the music also. I was struck by how natural it sounded…almost as if all the sounds were “found” by Morgan and he just directed them into compositions. Because of that…I felt the album had a really strong sense of place, I can imagine it is something that can become very tied to the places in which you first hear it (unfortunately…that’s a bare room for me:confused: )

I have more knowledge of Plume and Endless Falls…but this could definitely become another I am attached to. Great suggestion

excited for tomorrow!


Really liked Loscil when I checked it! Had never heard anything by him before. Digging it


Just a heads up, tomorrow’s pick will be from yours truly, stepping in due to having nothing better to do tomorrow! See you in the morning…I will now be spending the early hours making my final decision…


Will this also be your final EOTR headliner guess ? :wink:


I’ll include Spotify plays, possible set list and their festival history just to be sure


This thread has already made me rediscover Shenzou and I’ve fallen in love with First Narrows so excited to see what comes next!


Only just got around to listening to First Narrows last night due to my headphones being bust. Really good stuff - as has already been said despite being a collage of organic and inorganic sounds it all sounds so perfectly of a piece. Looking forward to digging through the rest of his back catalogue.