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I just scrapped my first choice…sorry for the delay. Album coming up


Brambles - Charcoal


So I’ve chosen to go with a personal favourite and one, hopefully, that not too many on here have heard. In short, it’s a mixture of field recordings and instrumentals (predominantly piano, clarinet and brass). If I were to describe it as “Dark Ambient” that isn’t because of any horror connections…but rather a creepy undertone and nocturnal feel to the album. It’s an emotiuonal album, like the shadier cousin of Slow Meadow, with finer, hidden details to be found in the unfurling loops.

But enough of my attempts at description, listen and enjoy :slight_smile:


Ooh I’ve never heard of Brambles before and from your description it sounds like this is gonna land slap bang in the middle of my ballpark.


Just out of interest what was your first choice?


It was Black Noise by Pantha Du Prince


Excellent. I know the PdP record well, but I don’t know this so glad you changed it. Enjoying the new discoveries to date.


Love this thread. It’s made me realise I need to plug my phone in to speakers for these albums as my PC headphone output is rubbish for pushing through the deeper base and ‘ambience’.


Yeah, just listening to these albums again with my new headphones that arrived yesterday and it is a much richer experience. Particularly noticing the sense of space on “Lucy Dub”. Will listen to the new pick tonight.


I bounced off Locsil a bit, but I must say I’m really liking this Brambles record so far.


Aye, it’s made me dig out the proper cable to hook the phone/tablet up to my hi-fi & decent speakers for the first time.

Not sure our next door neighbours are appreciating the fat sub-bass which has likely been permeating the walls since this thread started mind. Sounds lovely in here though…so fuck em.


As the mighty Yo La Tengo would say: “Let’s wake up the neighbo[u]rs. Let’s turn up our amps.”


We’re only one day in…but any thoughts so far? Was I right to pick a lesser known album (although its widely considered a hidden gem by many who own it) rather than a classic?


Yes you were.


Great choice in my opinion. I haven’t heard it so lookindg forward to digging in tonight/tomorrow. Lesser known is better. Cheers man :+1:


On my second listen this morning. It’s all washing over me a little as I do some work, but first impressions are that it’s rather beautiful.

What I’m liking is the simplicity and understated nature of it - it all sounds like you could work it out in about 10 minutes on a piano, but it’s about how these simple parts come together. Lots of stressful stuff going on currently and this feels like a good calming influence, so I can see myself giving this plenty of listens. Nice choice!


My first listen right now, and this is a great choice. Bloody brilliant choice. I’ve actually played some of this on my show (name drop, hit me up http://www.mixcloud.com/sheeldz) and it’s great. I love the delicacy and the darkness. Really gives me good vibes. As above, I love the simplicity but also that breed depth of the recording. There is such a fuzzy and dark nature to all the little clicks, birds, whizzes, and almost… shuffling of sorts that goes through it. It doesn’t seem put on either, like fuzz added - like all organic recordings are done and tape transferred in a way that adds to the oddly mesmeric sound.

Brilliant choice. Jesus, if I knew this was going to be so great I’d have started this a long time ago.

Ps thanks for all the comments on my pick last week. Was great to see new and old fans excited. I am glad.


Oooo one I’ve not heard. Probs won’t get a chance to listen for a few days but looking forward to it!


Bunging this on now @wonton .

The wistful strings on the opener along with the gentle plucked guitar are reminding me of Illuha around the same time, which is a good thing. The field recordings are great as well - very atmospheric as I stare out the window in snowy Finland.


Love the subtle percussive pulse in Such Owls as You. Similar to the first two picks where there’s a sense of movement as the rest of the music seems to hover in place.


Ooft that sub bass on Deep Corridor :ok_hand:

And the choral swells! :heart_eyes: