Electronic's 2nd album is really good isn't it

I had no idea.

I like it but it feels like it goes on for ever. Hideous cover too.

Definitely one of the under rated albums of the Johnny Marr ‘guitar for hire’ years though, along with Dusk by The The (which is ace)

twisted tenderness & the first one for me

Pretty sure it falls into the category of albums which lost sales because of the cover being so bad.

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About four songs too long. Twisted Tenderness has about four decent songs. Vivid is ace.

I’ve never listened to an Electronic album, which seems odd because of who made it. Don’t know anything beyond Getting Away With It & Get the Message. Should I bother? I love The Smiths & New Order.

They’re ok but nowhere near as good as the sum of their parts, in my opinion.

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Very much this. Incredibly disappointing when the first record came out.

Getting Away With It could almost be their theme tune.

For some reason they just seemed to bring out the bland in each other.

Hmm, listened to a few tracks and wasn’t impressed that ‘Feel Every Beat’ (is that what it’s called, idk) is bloody awful, like the Farm or something.

Absolutely love the first album. Second album was so godawfully dull I could never get into it. Third one was okay.

The debut is a fantastic album. It sounds more Sumner than Marr but apparently Johnny was well into the synths and beats. The best marriage of Smiths and New Order on that album is Tighten Up.

I don’t agree with the OP though. I find the second album slack and bloated. Never heard the final album.

I think it could have been a decent album if they had trimmed it to 40 minutes instead of an hour. It is very samey though and a bit bland.

I like it a lot more than I thought I would. It’s not objectively brilliant, just a nice listen.

I haven’t properly heard the debut tbh.

‘really good’ probably isn’t the right adjective.