Elena Ferrante

  • Reasonable to “out” her
  • Awful behaviour by scumbag hacks
  • Don’t know who she is, pal

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Why has the pseudonym been outed hyggers?

Because she reached a certain level of acclaim and success and people wanted to know who was actually behind the pseudonym.

Because journos

Curse them and their pursuit of truth!

The journo’s a prick. No right to “out” her at all.


You think it was OK that she was outed?

People really are pricks.

Completely unnecessary to ‘out’ her, and I’ve yet to meet anyone who likes her books who wanted to know who she was or who thought that the journalist didn’t carry out a gross breach of privacy to bring the story to print.

didn’t even know it was a pseudonym before all this

is she JK Rowling?

eh I think it’s reasonable to want to ‘know’, like I’ve read a load of stuff about Thomas Pynchon because of his reclusiveness. and about Satoshi Nakamoto, the guy who invented bitcoin. though that’s entirely different.

still seems like dickish behaviour though. not to mention that the mystery is much more interesting than the inevitably mundane truth.

Yeah seems like a deeply cynical invasion of privacy for little to no reason tbh
I like it when hyg goes all freedom of the press though


Wasn’t one of the reasons she used a pen name, that she didn’t want her fiction to get dismissed as “just” a memoir? That can happen a lot to female writers who write realistic stories, it’s just dismissed as them writing about their silly little lives. I wrote on here before about Suki Kim’s undercover journalism in North Korea getting dismissed as a silly little diary because she’s both female and Korean (so apparently she wasn’t even undercover), when a man doing the same thing would have been hailed as a journalistic hero.

And then when she wrote under a psuedonym, there were plenty of people out there proclaiming that she was really a man. Not really saying why, but with the underlying assumption that if it’s so good, it was probably a man’s work.

Oh and the idea that society owns your body and image if you’re female, and how dare this woman want to remain private, not show you her appearance and rely on the quality of her work alone.


Sometimes I read something that sets me off:

My heart’s not really in it though, I’d also be happy to shut down all newspapers tbh

Think modern concepts of privacy is a fascinating issue though.

Massive invasion of privacy obviously, and we have absolutely no right to know who she is.

Aside from that it makes me a bit sad that every time there is a ‘mystery’ there is a compelling need to ‘solve it’ as if mystery isn’t something which we should encourage. Not sure I’ve expressed that very well but maybe it makes some sort of sense.

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That Hamilton Nolan is often a dick though.

Sure. He often has a point though.

Why do you feel you have a “right” to know about some italian author’s personal details, when she has made it very, very clear she just wants to write books and not be a celebrity, and is not hurting anyone by remaining private? Do you think that your idle curiosity is more important than her actual wishes about her actual life?