Eleven stroke Six stroke Twenty Four (the tuesday thread)

Morning kids

Here’s the daily thread!

Anyway, jams on the M23 this morning which looked like some kind of drugs bust when I finally reached the front of it - lots of unmarked police cars with flashing lights. That was about as exciting as today is going to get - apart from when I take the recycling out tonight, obviously

Thank you I’ve been waiting to moan about having to work before I can get started on it.

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@froglet really liking the Snarls album you linked in one of the May release threads :guitar:

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oh and work, going into the office, maybe catching up with old friend, seeing dad for a chat (and hoping he’s not about to break up with his partner)


Work in a bit.

Was looking forward to cycling in as I don’t finish too late but its just started raining.

Started the day with a treat

Lots of work to do today but boss is off tomorrow and Thursday :dancer:


Went to a pal’s book launch last night and drank far too much for a schoolnight (curse you free wine!). I’m in all day training today, and lord I’m suffering for it.


When asked what his favourite wine is, @otto paused for a moment and looked into the middle distance with his head slightly tilted towards the sky. The stark ceiling of the Cornish restaurant was the perfect projector backdrop for their memories, each occasion framed as it momentarily slid to the front of the mind’s eye. Years were relived in a few heartbeats. The hustle and bustle of the harbourside − perfectly congruent with today, a typical cloudy Tuesday in June − through the window failed to interrupt the memory walk. They turned their head back towards the interviewer and smirked. As if to exert control in the conversation, they procedurally asked the interviewer to repeat the question before answering ‘free’.


Morning all!

I’ve done my picket and am just about to make myself a coffee.

I’ve been listening to the Anthony Joseph album from a couple of years ago (edit: 2021) and I always forget how excellent it is (The Rich Are Only Defeated When Running for Their Lives | Anthony Joseph).

Down to three emails in my work email in box, which is the lowest it’s been in months. I reckon I could get it even lower by the end of the day too

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Morning all. Arrived in Faro last night, it was a really lovely train ride.

Nipped out this morning to get some groceries and pastries for breakfast and met a local

It was just hanging out in the doorway of what looked like a shop?? Sure thing.


Randomly it’s the last day of school here so they seem to have finished at 10.00 and there are now thousands of Nutella jacked teens running around throwing flour at each other.

I live in a pretty dull place tbh but sometimes it can be quite weird.


Why’s it so cold, it’s june, this is ridiculous


I’ve got a red and white duo of grapefruit and a cup of coffee with gold top milk.

Had such a a great time in Faro last year. Really chill place and we’ve been thinking to go back again soon if we can. Enjoy!

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A poll about cake icons, please vote if you have an opinion

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I’ve eaten too much pasta for lunch.

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Have y’all seen the forecast for the rest of the … month? HANGING. Unreal. Fucking get this island in the bin.

Anyway, off to see the Reds Pinks and Purples tonight, that’ll be grand.


Hi everyone

Still buzzing from pool league last night - only won one frame (out of 3) but I nearly took the 2nd and we were playing the Wet Bandits who are currently top of the league so pretty chuffed all in. Next achievement to unlock is winning a whole competitive game :grinning:

Going to head for a climb straight after work then more pool - had my big meal for lunch (fishcake, baked potato and homemade coleslaw) so I’ve got more time later