Elfin Saddle

Does anyone else like Elfin Saddle? Not enough people lime Elfin Saddle imo. One of the best bands, so sad Jordan McKenzie died really tragically (and also to a much lesser extent that Emi Honda hasn’t done any solo work that I’ve been able to find other than a couple of poor quality videos from some tiny festival)

I have never heard of them. I have to say it’s not a band name that would inspire me to seek them out.

I’ll try to listen tomorrow. What’s the album to try?

Devastates I reckon. Ringing For The Begin Again is a bit more idiosyncratic so might be harder to love at first (took a while for me to really click with it). Wurld is a soundtrack to a stop-motion film they made in their garden which is really awesome and I highly recommend (I accidentally have a spare copy of the dvd actually, if anyone wants it)

But yeah, Devastates is such a force but not in a loud/brash/bombastic way - crafts it’s power and weight across the length of the album through more subtle means.

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I seem to have all three of those albums/records, most likely from my emusic subscription days when I was using up my credits.
I can’t remember what they sound like at all though, so am giving Devastates a go.


Seems good from the first track. Intersects with my love of naff music a fair bit although none of that stuff has vocals generally.

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