ELI5 various Twitter-"replacement" Social Media platforms

Haven’t tried Mastodon yet and not sure if it’s going to properly take off, but I find it quite exciting that people are being drawn to decentralised platforms where we don’t have to rely on massive for-profit companies to control the means of communication


Guess the thinking is it hasn’t got worse yet. But from the noises big Elton’s made around cutting staff, bringing back nobheads and allowing more FREE SPEECH it’s about to get much more cessy and pitlike


Yeah I googled expecting to find a new social media called ELI5.

Fuck this reddit bullshit frankly. Fuck it.

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All my D&D guys in Australia use it so I ended up on it due to that really.

I think it’s shit how out-of-sync all the versions are. The iOS app can do things the Android can’t and the PC one seems to work in a way that’s slightly different again.

But otherwise I think it’s not awful, it’s just fiddly and specific. e.g. with the D&D guys we already have about 6 different chat channels and new ones get added all the time, because it’s really hard to keep track of the single channel, but then your world just becomes a mass of channels. I guess it’s like if all the threads on this board were all on a tree down the left hand side and you had to keep moving between them…

Certainly it’s absolutely not a replacement for Twitter.

I’m very put out to discover the Mastodon instance I’ve signed up to puts wagging cat ears on everyone’s avatars. First ‘toots,’ now this. I don’t have the energy.


I’m still not hugely convinced by this but it would depend on changes obviously.

E.g. I think a lot of users simply never noticed this thing:

And have it set on the default of ‘home’

which is where you get all the bleed of every shithead’s crappy views on your feed.

If you only follow decent people and have it on ‘Latest’ and mute keywords that lead to death from boredom (e.g. any term relating to cricket) then it’s fine.





I’ve been waiting til I find other work before leaving my social media-related position but if I’m asked to start tooting I’m out.

Yeah, the amount of heavy twitter users who have been complaining about the stuff the algorithm puts into their twitter feed has really surprised me. I assumed that these people would be using the chronological feed.

Have we considered Menshn at all


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“Rev” Stu “Wings over Scotland” Campbell is back following previously being booted for massive TERFism which I think is a pretty bad sign. Just waiting for Gli**er to appear from under his bridge now too.

An alternative is only good if enough people move over to it. Can’t see that happening with Mastodon or Discord for example. I think twitter will die slowly with a whimpering fart and then maybe (hopefully?) my interest in social media will die with it.

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Is that the same Stu Campbell who used to write for Amiga Power years ago? The AP crew seemed pretty sound, but then that was 25-30 years ago jfc

Yeah. I always enjoyed his games writing back in the day, but he’s got some… challenging views about various other things including Hillsborough and trans folk. You’re probably better not knowing tbh.

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Is there a level of humour to this that I’m missing? Cos it seems weirdly hostile if not, like telling a doormat to fuck off or something.

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I’m sorry. I really really hate it. I’m not being hostile to you, I’m being hostile to the shortening, I don’t really like Reddit, and I don’t think it’s one we as a community should adopt.

Not just because it’s a wildly confusing unknown abbreviation (outside it’s Reddit circle I guess) but also one whose meaning I also think does you a disservice because frankly I think this is a complex subject that both can’t be easily simplified, which I think is a different thing.

Explain it to me like I’m 5: boil down a complex idea to a simple thing to explain it.

Well this is a complex thing that is hard to understand (I know no more than you) but I don’t think it can be simplified, it has to be thrashed out as something that is sort of annoying, in part because despite their similarities, it’s very hard to explain what makes Twitter different to other social media forms.


Counterpoint: it’s fine and takes 4 characters to type and nobody’s forcing you to write it


Like I said, my user experience is unchanged at present - I’ve never heard of that person and haven’t seen him or a general increase of TERF shit in my feed in the last few days/weeks. I’m not planning on leaving on the basis that it might get worse - if it does, I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Other people will obviously have their own experiences and their own reasons for staying or going.

But I still have to live with the consequences. :smiley:

(Annoyingly the site only allows you to mute users or tags I think so I can’t mute the phrase so I don’t have to see it.)

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