Eliminate two forever

Honestly could lose cake and beer, I reckon.

This is going to be an unpopular opinion on the website Drowned In Sound

  • Tacos
  • Fries
  • Beer
  • Burger
  • Soda
  • Pizza
  • Cake

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Pizza plays merry havoc with my guts these days and ‘soda’ isn’t as good as beer.

Beer, burgers and cake too tbh.

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Tacos are nice but replaceable. Burgers are a bit dull for me, and the rest of you don’t need em.
Keeping Pizza with a zealot’s belief they will one day make an acceptable vegan version one day.

noting down everyone choosing beer


Can still get a nice bottle of the ol’ vino to enjoy with my pizza-burger-taco

Also, you want acceptable vegan pizza? You go to Iceland and get their cheese-free veggie one, which is proper nice

They do fancy alcopops now

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Tacos and soda, easy


Don’t like that you’ve made me call it soda


I don’t like it either.

Beer & Soda.

Pizza and cake, only because of my lactose intolerance

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Can’t say I’ve ever had a taco. If you go to a Mexican restaurant you obviously get a burrito or something like that, right? Taco seems like the stupid choice

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Bye bye tacos and cake (though it was a toss up between tacos and burgers)

Have them at home a lot, burritos when out.

Don’t think we have Mexican restaurants in the UK anyway


There is one in my nearest town and I live in the middle of the arse end of nowhere.

Hard to believe but it is Devon

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