Eliminate two forever

Have we had a good rumble about crisps lately? What about colours. World cup of colours.

Knowing these people, beige would win.

Wonder if there’s a poll game in “dulux colour chart or jazz musician?”

can use this one if you want




I would like pictures of the recipe please!

about 2 or 3. I’m usually doing cod tacos or prawn. Sometimes I do just mushroom and peppers though.

Really didn’t need as much of the sauces as they called for, but here are the relevant pages.


Normally 5 sometimes 7. Never less than 4.

2 tacos?! Wtf mate.

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I always have coriander rice and slaw and some beans and sweet potatoes and corn!! Never just 2 tacos or I’d be hungry

Amazing! Thank you so much!

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Billy Bass and the moon can go


OK, that sounds like a very good spread. I’d still have to have at least 3 if not 7 tacos, though.

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It’s worth getting hold of masa harina if you’re going to make your own tacos. I’ve found it easier to press than flour tacos, plus they taste better, imo.


Holy shit.

I used to like you.

I knew I shouldn’t have come back into this thread. Fucking hell.


Have you a non-clingfilm solution for the tortillas? I’m thinking either a big reusable ziplock bag would work or maybe just two silicone baking sheets?

Otherwise this is very much something I want to try, although I have no idea if masa harina is something I can get easily.

I have a tortilla press so don’t need to use cling film at any point.

As for masa harina, i have to order it online as it’s not readily available, costs about £3.50 per kg, but still cheaper than buying pre made tacos. Also, you cant easily get street taco sized pre made here.


Well also you get to make as and when rather than having to freeze the packets.

Our local supermarket does flour ones about 10-12cm diameter in packs of 25 TBF but fresh is always fun.

Yeah, I found some 12cm flour ones in the mega Sainos last time I was there, but that’s about 4 miles away out by the motorway, plus although I love soft flour ones, the flavour of corn ones is more authentic. And yes, not wasting valuable freezer space on them is another definitely bonus.

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