Elliott Smith

We’re not having this conversation again!! :smiley:


fair enough :slight_smile:

This is probably my favourite ES track though, and I think it probably has some of the best lyrics of all time.


This very early one’s properly underrated too

CCB showed me this cracking piano version of I didn’t understand, flawless


well that’s not very nice.

I didn’t say it wasn’t. My fav of his albums fwiw. Just wouldn’t recommend it as the place to start if you haven’t heard much ES before.

Just being a playful little berk

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you scamp.

maybe it is a fine enough place to start with ES - maybe I just brought too much emotional baggage to it when it was released. managed to listen to it once when I bought it and couldn’t listen again for another year - just too painful.

Amazing. I really need to dig through his live stuff more, a couple of years ago I remember hearing an unbelievable guitar version of it.

i find that some of his songs bore me but others are absolutely incredible, i checked out all the videos you’ve put in this thread, this is the one i fucking loved

Friend of a friend blagged us into gig in Manchester when he was touring ‘Figure 8’ and it was easily the best gig I’ve ever seen by someone whose stuff I wasn’t familiar with (at the time). And the guy seemed to be having such fun with it - he really made it all look effortless.

Really good point. Say Yes is worth a mention in this respect


Yeah absolutely, I’m not sure why I didn’t list it.

XO is my favourite of his. I like the story of how he was nervous waiting to perform at the Oscars and Celine Dion was apparently really nice to him and helped to put him at ease.


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Honestly still find it a little difficult to listen to him, even after all this time.
Going Nowhere is basically guaranteed to ruin me.


Just listening to Figure 8 (I didn’t quite make it through the entire back catalogue on Saturday) - Don’t Make A Sound is a hell of an album closer too (if you discount the short instrumental) He had a real knack for arrangement as much as anything else. Just an exceptional talent.

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I saw him in Manchester in the late 90s. It was him a bassist and drummer and he seemed to play things that night a lot more like he wanted to be in a rock or punk band than a singer songwriter. Particularly remember Baby Britain being belted out at 100 miles per hour. Seems ridiculous after listening to his stuff on record but I remember wondering if it was what seeing nirvana live must have been like


Yeah I’ve listened to a few live performances and it’s quite interesting hearing “beefed up” versions of some of the earlier songs. The version of Needle In The Hay here, for example: