Elon Musk

Going to assume this is a reply to Elon hosting SNL


Nooo I’m not googling that


Is that (CW: grim death)


the guy who gets stuck practically upside-down in the cave and dies? I was talking about this yesterday!

Yeah that one. Awful

Click into this thread if you want to experience what it’s like to die


I’m pretty sure there were people defending his pointless tunnel from o’hare to the loop on this very website…

Someone a few doors down got a Tesla a week or two back and I’m sure it’s the noisiest car in the street. Absolutely ridiculous amount of tyre noise from it.

What it lacks in emissions, I’m sure it does its best to make up for in brake and tyre wear.

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Everyone likes Elon Musk, apparently, so SNL have decided this should be the first episode ever live-streamed to the whole wide world.

Saying he’s the first autistic person on SNL is David Byrne erasure and I will not stand for it.


I thought he said the first person with Aspergers to host it?

whom even knows anymore

What a collaboration this would be


So what’s he hosting, Saturday Night Live or Sunday Night Live?

Oh it happened. Everything I kept reading was about it happening in the future as though it hadn’t happened yet. Guessing it was boring then.

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And he’s wrong on that too, Dan Aykroyd did it in 2003.


Anyone who read/watched what he said?

princess peach isn’t italian smh

Wonder if he should have used the term ‘aspergers’, my understanding is it hasn’t been used as a formal diagnostic category in america since DSM-5 in 2013 when it became subsumed under the wider ASD umbrella (it is a bit more blurry here as we technically use the ICD10 where it still exists, but many places have switched to DSM-5 criteria, and it isn’t in the ICD11 from next year).

He was probably diagnosed before that change, and it is not like old diagnosis become invalidated, and totally understand if people identify with the old term (I know I certainly do, even though my official diagnosis has always been ASD, just because I think it is better understood by people), I think if someone is going to make this big awareness raising statement, it probably should reflect the current terminology/understanding of the condition.

Not criticising him for saying it, he didnt create this confusion, just wondering if the confusion will ever go away, Aspergers has a foothold and a degree of understanding in the public consciousness maybe that is a good thing, but it also is linked to the old high/low functioning dichotomy that we should really be moving away from, dunno, basically I would have preferred it if he simply said ‘Autistic’