Elon Musk


Lots of the abuse of Musk in this thread sits pretty uncomfortably for me with the neurodiversity thread and general supportive/accepting attitude towards neurodiversity on DiS.


hmmmmmm … bullshit?


Let’s not start saying that being a rich white asshole means you’re ‘on the spectrum’


He’s said before he thinks he’s bipolar and it’s public knowledge that he was abused as a child. Not sure if he has autism/aspergers but I doubt people would be particularly surprised.


yeah. fine to call him out for egotism (and to be fair it’s not like there’s ever going to be a shortage of reasons to do that) but not for traits he can’t help. not suggesting anyone is doing that here btw



Problem I see with this is if Elon Musk is randomly picked to go first, and thereby has nothing to work off.



Would play.


I could win this as Elon while going first, with sheer Nathan For You style confidence.


Absolutely brutal


Love his expression at the beginning


Love how he later does the exact same expression as Wee Bey at the end of this scene


Musk-adjacent win


See I didn’t think uncle bern was the swearing type

I prefer yours tho



Says a lot that Bezos calls his billions ‘winnings’ while his workers piss in bottles to avoid being fired.


Grimes has dumped him and he’s taken it badly


What a fucking dick


Musk responds calling him a Pedo. Still the internet weirdos queue up to defend him.