Elon Musk

What a way to run a railroad.

Most of the recent Guardian pieces have included some variation on “we asked Twitter for a comment but they no longer have a press department”.



I forsee this going off without a hitch

Also… all the blue ticks in the comments

Kind of poetic


quite funny to try and do this years after every other social media app has copied your original blue tick verification symbol




Blue tick musk simp gang are gunna drop their sub so fast when they get ratioed and gangpiled

Ole Musky’s done it again!

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TBH I don’t get why everyone’s reacting to this like it’s a shock when I’m pretty sure he said he’d be doing this months ago when he took over and introduced the paid blue tick thing.

I realise, however, that I now have an extremely low tolerance of this kind of surprise at evil. Like all those centrists who genuinely seemed to find every time the Republicans didn’t honour some kind of deal or ‘the way things should be’ or whatever, to be utterly awful and shocking. How are people still surprised by this sort of thing?

A lot of people iherently think people want whats best and woll try to do whats best no matter their world views. I envy those people.

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I’m surprised no advertisers have taken issue with this new thing of sticking the adverts in any popular Twitter thread with no apparent context. Surely pretty soon people are going to be seeing not good advert choices in those spots?


It’ll backfire. Being common knowledge that the legacy ticks are gone, nobody will be looking for them to work out if an account is official. There’ll be more fakes and stuff, but that was happening anyway once he let you buy a tick. What it actually represents now to the average Twitter user is meaningless.

What’s stupid for me is, there are lots of things like this where I’d be happier paying for a no advert/we don’t own your data model than having what we have now for free. I’d pay Google, Facebook and Twitter annual subscriptions to have their services but be in (demonstrably) full control. WhatsApp did it before Facebook bought them. But they obviously know that our data is worth far more to them. They’ve made this model and now we’re stuck with it.

It’ll be good when you can just block a blue tick account without caring.

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Blue tick mockery is so upsetting that they’ve enabled the ability to hide it?!

(Unless this guy’s making up screenshots which is just as possible.)

The Simpsons GIF by MOODMAN




Two dollars or best / nearest


Guessing Elon will now end up sharing the code himself by the end of the week in some sort of mega brained contrarian power move


*get his remaining underlings to completely rewrite the code in 24 hours, ruining it beyond repair

BBC News - Elon Musk: Twitter boss announces blue tick shake-up

Only blue tick folk will be able to vote in polls and appear in the For You section. Boy, he’s really going for it!
I only very rarely look at the For You section at the moment, but will have absolutely no interest in it once it has changed to blue ticks.