Elon Musk✅


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Starting April 15th, only verified accounts will be able to unfollow @elonmusk.

The is the only realistic way to address my waning popularity. It is otherwise a hopeless losing battle.

Replying to me will require verification for same reason.


Galaxy brain

Thick as shit isn’t he


But what if we don’t care about these things enough to pay for your shit website for wankers? That means the only content promoted will be generated by the wankers. Which means only wankers will pay for it.

Snake, tail, mouth

This is objectively a good thing.

No one should be using the For You tab anyway, it’s always full of psychopaths who you don’t follow because they’re psychopaths. Now it’ll be avoided by everyone.


I only look at twitter through TweetDeck, so don’t even see the For You tab. Once you need to subscribe to use TweetDeck, doubt I’ll bother with it at all - the main interface is garbage.

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Isn’t this guy meant to be our great hope at humanity taking to other planets and becoming eternal part-machines, etc? Yet, a few months into taking over a micro-blogging website he has declared spam accounts to be “a hopeless losing battle”.


The fundamental reason that Elton’s Twitter will fail is that he thinks everyone cares about it as much as he does.


Yeah, the whole “Twitter is the public square” idea was always a load of crock that the worst people fully bought into.

My guess is that at some point, you will have to view a feed that includes at least some of this. Think about how Facebook made it the default to see recommended posts, rather than your friends in date order, and made it increasingly hard to just view your Friends feed, then finally removed it completely. Not an exact parallel I realise - but the main point is, you can tell when they want to corral you in a certain direction.

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Also ignores the fact that in many countries standing in a public square and shouting race-baiting conspiracy bilge will get you rapidly removed from the public square.

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Not to be that guy but my For You page is completely fine, it’s mostly just cute animals


Obviously Musk is gonna ruin it

Manchester Active Travel twitter is now increasingly moving to Discord, and it’s… Pretty good? Not exactly a way of converting people to our side in the ongoing war on cars, but Twitter isn’t either, especially now.

Could see Discord (or something else like that) being the real benefactor. Mastodon is just too Linuxy for anyone other than Linuxy people to use.


Very good


I know I’ve said this before, but Twitter post Musk is a fascinating case study of what happens to the product when you gut a large software company of the people who make it work.

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Really don’t like this guy