Elon Musk


Got my copy of Wired through the post this week. Guess who was on the cover, and has an eight page article in the magazine?

It’s ya boi. Lots of quotes from people who know him. Here’s a few favourites:

Christmas, social bike-rides, even sleep – Musk sees them either as distractions or challenges

I remember at one point he was walking around the office at nine o’clock at night, and he was pissed off that there weren’t enough engineers in their cubicles. At nine o’clock at night. I would try and occasionally take weekends off, and Elon would be in the office and he’d call me up and have some reason as to why I needed to come in to help him on something. I think he just wanted me in the office on the weekend.

I got married during the lead up to the first ever Falcon 1 launch. Elon did not take that well – he did not think that was a good reason for me to be missing. He called me into his cubicle and asked me how much it would cost to change the wedding date. My response was it would cost more money than he had. He didn’t quite get what I was going at because he had quite a bit of money

My team had worked night and day to create this incredible content demo of what we could do for The New York Times. Elon and I were debating who would give the demo – he wanted to do it, but he had no understanding of how the demo worked


As if things weren’t bad enough, now he’s outed as a bike wanker.






adomian is so good.

weird how he hasnt had a big tv show.




“If Musk is found to have broken the rules he could face criminal prosecution.”



Thread turned 1 year old on Friday. Happy belated birthday everyone!


lol nice targeted ad

Surprising targeted advertising



Incredible scenes


enjoying this gif, enjoying looking at for hours


Azalea Banks!


didn’t think The Elon Show producers could sustain my interest but this new character/possible threesome arc has really spiced things up.


A real risk it could jump the shark but has been as engaging as ever so far.


i think they knew going into this series the formula was at risk of becoming stale, but this:

Banks compares the entire ordeal of having her time wasted to white colonization of Africa.

…this shit is the content i crave


“He’s on the Down syndrome spectrum. FOR SURE”.

Let’s just shut this whole thing down.


As if a middle-aged tech-bro executive wasn’t already going to Burning Man…


Are those drawings by Jamie McKelvie?


Elon = Woden from WicDiv confirmed