Elon Musk


This was the other day when people were repeatedly editing it to ‘business magnet’ and I thought I’d throw in a bit of a curveball


but he is mates with Alex Jones, believes in loads of pseudoscience and conspiracy, and has said a lot of dodgy/disinformation around transgender issues


Man has opinions about stuff shocker eh?

He doesn’t believe in loads of pseudoscience as far as I have heard. He usually disparages it with terms like ‘woo woo shit’ when it comes up. And yeah he’s given Alex Jones a platform but so what? I can’t say i’m up on his transgender rhetoric mind you.

In any case, i was just saying that his podcasts are often incredibly interesting and he does a good job of interviewing from a lay person’s point of view, which given some of the intellectual heft opposite him is quite impressive. He also has an open mind and doesn’t dismiss someone without listening to them first, even if they are talking about crackpot theories or dangerous ideas.


Oh dear not this again


Opinions that are worthy of criticism shocker. As for the ‘so what?’ about giving alex jones a platform, I guess it would be that someone who claims sandy hook/las vegas etc were false flag operations, calling family members of victims liars leading to their harassment, and generally makes a living by stoking up hatred and paranoia that is damaging democracy, is a bad thing to do. As to being good at interviewing from a lay person’s points of view, I don’t think that is necessarily a good thing if he doesn’t have the capability to give dangerous ideas proper scrutiny, fair enough no harm when it is just mainstream scientists or whatever but when it is people like peterson or harris, or even actual explicitly alt-right people, he just ends up promoting them.


just seems at best ignorant at worse pretty dodgy


I can’t see how this is a good thing. Dismissing batshit, vile and hideous ideas is not closed-minded.


…but enough about billy corgan


FINALLY, someone’s talking about it!


Christ im bored.


Indiana Jones and the last Crusade is on!!

I’ve got a pizza!



Adding to the great array of fan excuses, I’ve witnessed someone else on twitter claim that it it’s not Musk’s fault that he called the guy a paedo because there’s no such thing as free will



One of the company’s co-founders, Elon Musk, has become its face, making the brand synonymous with innovation. Musk is an outlandish personality who sees himself as something akin to a real-life Tony Stark,

The supercar’s perception—from being better for the environment to being newfangled and near-autonomous to being more affordable than you’d think—summons visions of a utopia through technoculture.

Is this a paid promotion?


Soz bit late on this.

I agree that Alex Jones has had and does have incredibly dangerous ideas and has already caused a lot of harm. I just don’t think it’s necessarily the worst thing in the world to have such people on. Not at least hearing out some of the worst people just empowers their base and creates a greater divide, in my opinion. In no way do I support AJ in any way shape or form, by the way!


building up to a big finale here i reck

  • Musk was right
  • Musk is a dick

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75k is pocket change for Musk. Disappointing.


Would have asked for something stupider like a rocket with ‘NOT A PEDO’ on the side.



Or submarine