Elon Musk




What a wanker.


Starting to warm to him


Bet he spent ages thinking that one up


Jesus the replies.

EDIT: should have done a screenshot.


Love it when people try to Be Clever but screw it up in a minor way eg missing a word out


Expecting Elon to jump up and say ‘IT’S A JOKE LIKE ON TOP GEAR’ at any moment.


Same. As soon as my short position in Tesla pays out I’m going to buy one of his cars.


Show me the best jumper you got

Oh shame

The inquiry, referred to by Russia’s investigative committee as a criminal investigation, comes mere weeks after Roscosmos was forced to launch an investigation into how a hole came to be drilled into the wall of the Soyuz capsule that is now docked at the space station.


Supplies can still be sent to the space station onboard a SpaceX capsule.