Elongated Greg - What would you do?

There’s a guy at a very high level in our company called Greg/ory. He always signs his emails off Gregory.
Now, if I was Greg/ory I’d call myself Greg, no question, but what would you do?

  • Greg
  • Gregory
  • Tory Option

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Deed poll to something else.

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In America, I believe they pronounce it Graig.

Dont know if this really works, and I don’t care to know either


Surely Gregory is the Tory option?

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Probably just let him be called whatever he wants

Signed, someone who frequently has his name shortened and hates it


Yo Trip!


As a Gregory myself I only would go with Greg. Regardless of the situation. Another option which is even worse is Gregor. But anyone that called me that i would presume they were a rangers fan.



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think i would quite like gregory but i would make everyone pronounce it gre-gory, russian style


Is this your new Thing now?



Not exactly new

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I’d anagram it to Gory Reg.

I think it’s very presumptuous to shorten names in a work setting without you having a confirmation that it’s ok, especially if they use the long form. Shortened names are, after all, a firm of diminutive, very and hence a power play in many instances when used without a go ahead.

The top boss I have dealings with at work does it to me despite me ALWAYS using my actual name. The full two syllables is hardly onerous, ffs.

A couple of my bosses go by Andy most of the time, verbally, but I hesitate to err away from Andrew if putting it in an email. For one, it jars to have bosses called ‘Andy’. Second, they do that boss thing of writing to their staff in short sentences that don’t have a sign-off, so I haven’t been able to establish a definitive pattern.

Irked to have ended up in a work chat thread in the middle of my time off!

I truly hate it when people don’t shorten my name so I think I’m probably guilty of assuming people also want theirs shortened.

Elongated Gregor, is there still a part of you that wants to live


Calm down mate

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Alright Gregor

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Ha ha, I believe you must be a rangers fan