Elthamsmateowen's Renegade Filth Thread


Hey, Emo. Do you think it’s possible to have penetrative sex with someone who’s on a treadmill while you stand behind them on a static floor? So long as they walked at a sedate pace obvs.

Or would the movement of their legs cause your old boy to fall out.


Depends how much dong you’re packing, surely


yeah basically this.

and the brand of treadmill and your height. You might need a stool or something to properly reach. I reckon it’s doable though.


Could you get on to this and get back to us please?


Maybe the giver could hang a leg over each of the handlebars up the side and then sort of drop in behind?


Found an evil angel video entitled ‘fucked on the treadmill’ but I don’t know if that includes in use. Probably just a lot off ass shots while using it, then stopping it and getting on with the business.

If I had a treadmill at home I would happily give it a go for you.

The more I think of it I think it would be entirely possible, but not really worth it or particularly satisfying


fucking hell. Alright Louis Smith


Ah, I knew Evil Angel wouldn’t let us down.


Lol okay guys enjoy the 90s. Those of you into new stuff can meet me on the stairmaster and pilates machines later.




Wouldn’t mind buying one of these, thinking about it…