Elton Johns dead good isn't he?


Loads of good songs


My faves:

Sad songs,
rocket man,
song for guy
I guess that’s why they call it the blues

But there are a ridiculous amount. Big love Elt.


Benny and the Jets is ridiculously good.


It’s immense eh?

(Second biz markie post in as many days)


This ones pretty damn good…



‘Total Entertainment Forever’ from the new Father John Misty album sounds very like the title song from Captain Fantastic to me. he’s way more influential than i think he’s given credit for.


Madman Across the Water is genuinely one of the best albums ever.


Saw him at caesars palace in vegas a couple of years back, great fun :grinning:


People probs don’t want to be put in a bracket with him because he’ll outclass them every time. The number of hits is insane.


Agreed. Sitting around in PJs and listening to Elton John on a Sunday morning is something I miss.


Never bettered The Music For Princess Diana for me.


Oh no no, wait, The Lion Cartoon.


Yeah got a load of great songs


Does anyone have any idea what ‘Passengers’ is all about?


The first 6 tracks of Goodbye Yellow Brick Road are phenomenal.


The title track’s his best.


Yeah. Although I was listening to Funeral For A Friend/Love Lies Bleeding the other day in awe of how great it is. This Song Has No Title is also hugely underrated.


Love a bit of Elton. Crocodile Rock :heart_eyes:. Don’t ever want to hear Your Song or Don’t Go Breaking My Heart ever again tho.

I would also like to issue the daily reminder that Bernie Taupin also wrote We Built this City on Rock and Roll


Crocodile Rock is unfairly maligned.


He’s brilliant. ‘Daniel’ is a masterpiece.