Elvis Costello

Just started listening to him, had I Dont Want To Go To Chelsea on repeat in my head. Ive only listened to This Years Model however , where next to go?

Get Happy!

‘This Year’s Model’ is up there as one of my favourite albums of all time. I was listening to it three or four times a night for most of February and March.

I’ve never listened to any more of his albums though. Will try ‘Get Happy’ next.

Most of the early albums are really good - Get Happy, Armed Forces, Imperial Bedroom etc.

I really like the pair of albums he put out in 1986 - King of America and Blood and Chocolate - which are much darker and more personal than most of his earlier stuff (a bit like his Blood on the Tracks period)

This is my favourite song (from Blood and Chocolate):

I’ve drifted away from him since then. From what I’ve heard of it his output from the 90s onwards has been patchy. Sure there are some highlights in there somewhere that someone can point you at.

Cheers! Ive seen he is playing Manchester next year, I would love to go but wonder just how he sets up his srtlist

Don’t think he really topped his first three: My Aim is True - This Year’s Model - Armed Forces.


One of my favourite artists of all time. I would say Armed Forces and Imperial Bedroom are my favourites but christ, he has so many good if not great albums. All of the early stuff is amazing, would say he only really started to drop off around the mid-80s but even some of his worst albums (Goodbye Cruel World) have some of my favourite songs (I Wanna Be Loved). Blood & Chocolate/Punch The Clock/Spike all worst listening to.

You know what, just listen this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Best_of_Elvis_Costello:_The_First_10_Years

And go from there.

And definitely go see him live, I saw him at the Royal Albert Hall for my 24th birthday, played for 3 hours, plays songs from all across his catalogue (was doing the ‘Spinning Songbook’ at the time which is a bit like Wheel Of Fortune with his greatest hits).

This year’s model is one of my all time favourite albums, I dont think I will ever tire of it. All of his albums up until Mighty like the rose are essential in my books even Goodbye Cruel World has it’s merits. His 90’s output is a bit more varied depending on whatever your personal taste is. Solo album wise (or with the attractions or whoever) since the 90’s, Brutal Youth, All this Useless Beauty and Delivery Man are great.

I loved his collaboration album with The Roots too! It reminded me of The Specials in places which is good in my books.

He is also one of the few music acts that dad was into in his youth that we can both bond over so he will always have a special place in my heart.

Never seen him live though. I’m a bit wary when it comes to gigs with legends. I dont want to get burnt…

Also from his early albums, Trust is really underrated - he really is firing on all cylinders on that one!

agree with all of the sentiments above. one of those artists where you can pick up a really solid copy for £10-£12 on wax too.

^ this! I own most of my favourites on vinyl and picked them up cheaply too

Cheers all, a lot to get stuck into !

This one is a particular favourite!

Ooops sorry just realised that @bornin69x posted this before! Worth listening to twice though :slight_smile:


Anyone heard the new one?

Underrated album but much love for Blue

‘Why Don’t you Love Me (Like You Used to Do)’ is one hell of an opener. Great album that was a real eye opener on Country and Western music.

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He is so good isnt he?

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He’s no Robbie Williams though eh

The 2-CD editions of his albums released by Rhino in 2004 are well worth getting.