Elvis Costello

The true king


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Had this This Year’s Model on at work yesterday and it’s an all time classic for me. Every song is such a banger that grabs you by the throat. The wordplay on that absolutely ridiculous!


Anyone heard the new new one? Out today. I haven’t, hopefully it’ll drop through the letterbox tomorrow. I ended up really digging Look Now. One of his very best for me.

No I haven’t, I think the most recent Costello album I’ve heard is Blood And Chocolate! Which is ridiculous because he’s one of my ATDs. Am I missing out?

Probably fair to say things are hit and miss after that, but in the last few years I’ve got stuck in to the second half of his career and there’s some excellent stuff in there. Spike and Brutal Youth are obvious shouts, the latter is close in style (and quality) to his first few records. Spike’s got a sort of Imperial Bedroom vibe, kinda ornate and jumps around a bit stylistically. I really like All This Useless Beauty too, bit more of a mellow, reflective album. There’s a few I still haven’t heard, but all that I have are least interesting and there’s always a few good tracks knocking around.

I think Look Now is properly brilliant, just a total masterclass in melody and lyrics. Would massively recommend it.

Edit: Wise Up Ghost with The Roots is also brilliant.

Cheers, I’ll try Look Now

I’ve always been put off listening to Spike because I really don’t like Veronica (I realise it’s probably not representative of the whole album)

Newie from Costello here, definitely going for something more in the vein of Armed Forces / This Year’s Model.