Elvis Presley

Realised how much of an icon Elvis is but how little you really hear him now. What are your thoughts, good tunes, a cabaret act at the right time?

Love Me Tender is a ridonkulously great tune

Towards the arse end it was a bit of a cabaret but it’s feckin Elvis

All about Blue Hawaii, I like cheesy luau Elvis.

I was in Weston-Super-Mare the day he died on holiday with my Nan and Grandad. As a surprise my Mum came to visit for the weekend. On my way back from the no sea beach unbeknownst to me he died. When I arrived at my Great Aunt’s, which was where we were staying my Mum was there, as that surprise, but she was crying. I asked what was wrong and she just blubber “Elvis has died” I genuinely thought he was a family member, no idea who he was (I was 7).

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Not knowingly!

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Sorry for your loss


Remember when BMG milked the living daylights out of his back catalogue - releasing limited edition singles that all got to number one and destroyed the singles chart at the same time. Shameless record company antics.

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I just find it odd hes such an important part of music but he does rarely get played in comparison


It feels like he’s more of a cultural icon rather than a musical one these days.

No new musicians ever claim Elvis as an inspiration, even if they do take a lot from 50s rock n roll/torch songs. Buddy Holly, Gene Vincent, Roy Orbison, Chuck Berry etc all get name checked here and there but I can’t recall anyone saying “yeah we just really fucking love Elvis”

I guess with all the impersonators and stuff going about he’s regarded almost more of a novelty

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Saying that, I do love how openly this rips off the chorus from Suspicious Minds

Maybe once something is so big but also old it loses any real meaning. Like The Beatles feel to me as if people barely mention them too and why not? They’re the music of a grandparents’ generation but too big to ever intrigue people into checking out. So we accept it exists but have no real need to highlight it.

I’d also guess maybe Elvis is bigger in the States? Possibly @xylo would know.

phew, thought you were gonna say he’d died now too


Nick Cave did, but granted that was back in the mid-80s.

Fry from Futurama narrowed eyes

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Talented but ridiculously overhyped. The Elvis impersonators, ghost of Elvis, etc thing is a joke that ceased to be funny about 30 years ago. It’s right that he’s in the hall of fame, but get over it, people, he wasn’t THAT good, he had his detractors even when he was alive.

As for the music: he was an entertainer and an interpreter rather than a writer, so my opinion of him at any stage depended on what song he chose to record. There were a few songs from his middle period that I found OK - Kentucky Rain, Edge of Reality, In the Ghetto, a handful of others. I wasn’t a fan of the whole 1950s/early 1960s scene so didn’t get into his early stuff at all. Nor did I like his cabaret style later stuff.

Can’t think why I would ever buy an Elvis album.

That’s easily explained. As I said elsewhere, it’s because Elvis was not a creator, he was an entertainer and an interpreter of other people’s songs. Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry and Roy Orbison all did their own songs. The Everly Brothers often get cited as influence, because even though they wrote very little, most of their songs came from the same songwriting team (Felice and Boudleaux Bryant) and that, plus the 2-part harmony, gave them a distinctive sound. Once you get into the mid-1960 you get the emergence of the singer/songwriter, hence later songwriters often list the Beatles, the Beach Boys, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell and others as influences.

Calling Elvis your source of inspiration would be a bit like some songwriter of the future citing Susan Boyle or Michael Buble as their muse.

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No it wouldn’t. But it depends if we’re talking about singers or songwriters. I think there are few pop singers who don’t owe some debt to Elvis, even if Elvis owes a debt to the many influences he absorbed in his career.

There’s a weird element of snobbery / muso posturing about a lot of anti-Elvis sentiment.


He was a man of dubious character though, shall never listen to him again…

Hmmm but arent most iconic musicians?