Em Oh En Dee Ay Whyyyyy? Thread

Morning all. I got up early as I need to get a load of work done between when I get in and 9am. In my rush, I forgot my headphones and didn’t allow enough time to buy a paper from the station shop. The heating on the train is set to “Grandparents’ Living Room”. I have a slight cold.

Ugh! How are you all anyway?

I just got caught in the rain on the way to the train.


The rain in 'stralia falls mainly on the trains.

The precipitation in this nation falls on the way to the station


I think you should host your own rolling “Jazzballet’s Cute Animals” thread :slight_smile: :dog:

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Look at what one of my weekend guests brought:


I’ve got loads of work to do and did basically none of it last week, despite having way more meetings and stuff (pro bono work, which etc, and a seminar on how to be less of a massive sexist in the workplace) this week. Well done, me.


The hail-ia in Australia falls mainly on the rail-ia? (No)


(h)aitch-aye, sea-see-bee, jay-bee, em-zero, eeee-pee-em eh-en-dee eeee-tea-sea.


Two exams today. I request the sweet release of death.

Mornin. Up early, gonna go gym in a bit. Bugger all else planned unless i get called for some work. Probably work on some music or do some writing.

I’m staying home and having a half sick day/half wfh day as I have the start of a rotten cold and I wanna stop that shit!

Morning all. Went to a joint 30th birthday on Saturday and there was a ceilidh which was a load of fun but my calves are still in pain from it. Was planning to go to the gym tonight but I cant even walk

I had a flipping great weekend with a Brasilian and now I’m at work and can barely open my eyes. Whyyyyyyyy? indeed

There’s no milk in the fridge :frowning: FO, M

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We have one of those pots! Makes me think of you (genuinely).

Good weekend. Took a friend’s 5 year old for his first trip to the climbing wall. Apparently he’s insisted on leaving his wristband that novices have to wear so he can show all his friends at school :smiley:
As I mentioned on the Saturday thread, we finally have our place in Leeds sorted. Lovely little two-up-two-down job in Horsforth. Mahousive weight off my mind.
Dinner with a couple of friends on Saturday night and then a lazy Sunday of video games and football.
Oh, and I ‘pimped’ our bircher muesli this morning with pomegranate seeds :ok_hand:
Just gonna pretend work isn’t happening.

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Didn’t know these were ‘in’ for men these days


So sweet. We hope to end up in the countryside at some point. With enough space for our cats and at least one dog.

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:smiley: :fearful:

Guten Tag!

Today is my Friday. Work should be nice and quiet but much less boring than the weekend which is nice.

Getting my hair buzzed after work.

Nowt of interest to report really.