Em Oh En Dee Ay Whyyyyy? Thread


:smiley: :fearful:


Guten Tag!

Today is my Friday. Work should be nice and quiet but much less boring than the weekend which is nice.

Getting my hair buzzed after work.

Nowt of interest to report really.


I think she does. Bit late at this point if she doesn’t.


My neighbour made the mistake of telling people she liked owls, so for birthdays and Christmas she always gets a proliferation of owl-related tat.

Said she had a falling out with her sister when she told her she doesn’t like them that much and to stop buying it.


I ask because it seems to be a common occurance, I know a few people (myself obviously included) that were bombarded with owls for a while. I found out my auntie won’t accept any owl gifts because she’s superstitious/mad :smile: might be a good excuse? ah great another harbinger of death to add to the collection, thanks!


I didn’t see your post on sat! Massive congratulations!!!


aye alright we get it, you like al fresco sex :wink:


mornin DiS,

feeling remarkably fresh after a good night sleep and no booze yesterday, it’s also a very pleasant morn in glasgow.
i’d like a bagel.


Oh god, back at work after a very nice long weekend.

I am so hungry. I had The Largest Breakfasts Of All Time over the weekend so now after a paltry bowl of cereal I am starving.


Haha, I didn’t quite realise how filthcore that sounded. Thanks for pointing it out!!


aye right :wink: :slight_smile:


Made an all-time top 5 roast dinner yesterday (despite it being chicken). Nothing much else to report unless you want to hear about it


tell us more about the roast please

what veg? etc.





  • Broccoli, Leeks & Cabbage (steamed then fried off in some bacon butter)
  • Carrots & Parsnips (honey & lemon thyme glazed, roasted)
  • Potatoes (roast obvvvvs)
  • Nigel slater Black pudding & black-eyed bean stuffing, absolute winner
  • From the scrapings in the pan + a little bit of extra stock, nothing fancy




Yeah it was a showstopper. Piece of piss to make, too


Went to a classical concert yesterday, followed by a mixing session for some music we’re putting out, then I saw Land Crabs and Oh Boland play. Pretty tired now but have a lot to do today.

Oh, have to buy tickets for Thundercat and Kamasi Washington! Will do that later.


Good morning everyone.

Last week was silver. Let’s make this week GOLD.



When did they announce shows?!