Em Oh En Dee Ay Whyyyyy? Thread

Working from my parents home and I literally cannot be arsed to start working. If I was in my own home I’d be lying in the sofa watching Homes Under the Hammer by now. Weather is doing that typical Glasgow thing of being glorious one moment and apocalyptic the next.



Finally got some really good sleep in after quite a busy weekend (been away for a seminar and stuff). Although the sleep still could have been better if I didn’t have to really pee while I was asleep which transferred into my dreams, hate it when that happens. Very stressful.

ANYWAY I have my first meeting with my new part time job/freelance gig in a couple of hours which is exciting! And this evening I’m going to a panel talk about Norwegian horror films <3

CBA to go back to London. Fuck sake.

just remembered when waiting for the encore, someone started a chant of “ooh ah jagwar ma, say ooh ah jagwar ma” :smiley:

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someone aye?!


Just realised I’m on a training course from 1.30-4.30pm today :frowning:


Sweet! Sounds great :+1: - are you excited to see how tracks from Drunk will be incorporated into his live set?

Did you see that Kasami was debuting new material the other day?

Morining everyone

I’m tired and hungry as I cycled a long, long way in the wind yesterday

Want to go and see Get Out tonight


i wanna get along and see this this week, and also logan

seen Logan - it’s a solid 8/10

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Super looking forward to the new tracks. Really hope he’s playing ‘Captain Stupido’ live, absolutely love that.

Sweet! He has lots of new material recorded so I’m pretty happy to see that he’s playing it.

I have this a lot before an anxious situation. Are you anxious?
Usually it’s just your mouth being wide open and your throat drying up but it feels like you’re choking and usually I always dream i’ve put a load of pebbles in my mouth so i think i’m choking on those

what’s your new job WR?

Proofreading any and all film related articles/reviews etc for a monthly newspaper :+1:

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ok day 1 of diet and self-improvement:

. 1 hour walk DONE
. 15 minute morning meditation DONE

will need to stay off the snacks and get at least another hour’s exercise and I can consider today a victory.

that sounds pretty good and aligns with your interests so well done :slight_smile:

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Boring question:

If you were asked to write down the initials of someone called (for example) Ian O’Taximan, what would you write?

  • IT
  • IO
  • IOT
  • IO’T

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my new fave snack is apple and peanut butter
have something like that?

just put in a respectable gym sesh, might not be as hopelessly unfit as i thought. gonna work on some music for the afternoon and then do a bit of cleaning and wash some clothes. productive day, i reckon.

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