Em Oh En Dee Ay Whyyyyy? Thread

oh that sounds really nice actually!

Isn’t peanut butter really fattening though?

I wish I had the motivation to start a Codeine tribue band called Co-Codamol

I am always anxious. No idea what I was dreaming about, that was immediately replaced by trying not to die.

To be honest I think it was mostly to do with me getting in a weird position whilst I was asleep.

hmmm, my initial thought was IOT but @kallgeese should be the authority on this sort of thing so I’m siding with him

Get one without loads of sugar in and it’s a source of protein

I normally get this one

Might look into tickets for Thundercat’s London date then as I’ve never seen him before.

Kamasi has only got shows penciled in for Liverpool, Leeds & Dublin (though this date doesn’t even appear to be listed on his site…)

good shout!

got a blender? bash yourself up a smoothie. /jamie oliver

sounds like a lot of effort maybe I’ll just eat an apple

That seems right to me. @cutthelights has gone with that too so I’m happy enough with that.

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Bought a hamster at the weekend, he ventured out of his little house this morning for the first time since we got him. That was quite nice as I’d quite forgotten what colour he was.

Also, read a book inside a weekend for the first time in eons. Thanks Topsy & Tim, great adventure on the aeroplane…

Today? I’m in one of those moods where people are irritating me by their very existence. Lady next to me is thumping away at her keyboard DISGUSTINGLY loudly. Having to rupture my eardrums to drown it out.

Wednesday off this week too. Museum / exhibition (tbd) ales and a belated catch-up with @anon76851889.

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its raining and miserable in cornwall today

listening to the second La Roux album on repeat cos its the fucking best

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First one was OK but it was a mock. Next one is a real translation. At least it’ll be out the way.

Mini Eggs are great though. Crack on.




Pun intended?

For the past week or so, my mouse and keyboard randomly both stop working every afternoon. If i put the computer to sleep and then wake it up again, they are fine. Just did it again, so thought I’d ring IT about it.

“Try plugging them in to different USB slots and see how it is for the next few days”

Basically a step up from “turn it off and on again” isn’t it? Wankers.

just been given a premium account for some conferencing software at work, and I’ve just changed the on hold music to Jingle Bells. Should be sick at tomorrow’s team meeting!

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Should i spend another £60 and go down to Dublin on Wednesday for a meal and a piss up? Hard to know, please help


if i could just pop down to dublin for a piss up i would all the time :slight_smile:

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