Em Oh En Dee Ay Whyyyyy? Thread




Pun intended?


For the past week or so, my mouse and keyboard randomly both stop working every afternoon. If i put the computer to sleep and then wake it up again, they are fine. Just did it again, so thought I’d ring IT about it.

“Try plugging them in to different USB slots and see how it is for the next few days”

Basically a step up from “turn it off and on again” isn’t it? Wankers.


just been given a premium account for some conferencing software at work, and I’ve just changed the on hold music to Jingle Bells. Should be sick at tomorrow’s team meeting!


Should i spend another £60 and go down to Dublin on Wednesday for a meal and a piss up? Hard to know, please help


if i could just pop down to dublin for a piss up i would all the time :slight_smile:


Gad it’s not like I have the money but I’ll have a job soon so I’m unsure


I’m thinking of doing this for that Repeal gig next month


It’s bloody expensive down there!


Training course that was due to finish at 16.30 finished at 16.00. Therefore I have time to sit and read a paper for a few minutes, and won’t miss my usual train home. The smallest of mercies is appreciated today.


Going 2 Dublin lol


i’ll be in dublin albeit briefly in a few weeks :slight_smile:


It’s strange being there. It has tall buildings which Belfast lacks


I scolded some teenagers on the tram earlier. I guess this is old age creeping up on me.


feckin true that!


with a hot drink or some colourful language?


'kin ell, just got slagged on a skype call for looking really tired and bored, I need to go home! :open_mouth:

been eating absolute crap the last few days, need to get something that’s healthy but takes zero effort to make. might just get a pre-made salad from tesco


God, I got a pint of carlsberg for €6 that tasted like a fart. Going to be a scummy bastard and attempt to sneak whiskey into this thing, as well as loading up on buckfast beforehand


ugh, sad thing is that’s not even unusual. there are loads of decent places that don’t cost too much though. a lot of bars do student discounts too. if the weather’s decent, you should go have a few cans at the pav! :slight_smile:


I hope whilst doing so you also shook your fist at them “Why I oughta!!”