Email chat thread

I was just asked what a good email provider is, I just said google’s gmail. There are probably newer, better ones though, aren’t there?

Everyone should be on hotmail. I am, and I’m having a whale of a time.


are you sure that’s not twitter?

a 2009 era joke there

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I thought this was going to be a thread about protracted conversations by email. In my job before last, we had no internet access so all chat was via the medium of Lotus Notes.

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our bristol office uses lotus notes still for email

my mum only fairly recently stopped using her AOL email account, which is baffling since

a) she hasn’t had AOL internet for years and
b) her name on her AOL email account hasn’t been her name for years either

switched over to Yahoo now, which tbh isn’t exactly much better

yep my dad still has an AOL email address.

Do they still use those little cartoon avatars? I remember working with a girl called Shell who had a shell as her avatar. She didn’t even connect the two things.

I don’t know I’m afraid, they’re @system is separate from ours which is just boring outlook.

Think the most common email service used by my company’s customers is Yahoo. Seems baffling to me, but people are weird.

I thought this would be a thread that we’d only reply to using the reply from email inbox feature.

is that set up on this (new and classy) version of dis?


Hello boys

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omtotalg I even got a badge for posting by reply via email?!?!?!?! I thought all the easy badges were gone.

personal domain with email through google apps #baller

although they charge you for it now I still get it free yaaaaaasss