Email prepositions


My topic is NOT similar to GDPR email opt-ins thank you @discobot!

When talking about an email address, which of these is correct

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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


Both too informal




how cool - how do you get an email?


’I can be contacted as follows;




and @Safebruv To clarify, this would be in a paragraph of informal text rather rather than anything formal.

Really I just wanted to get a handle on other people’s thoughts, because I keep seeing the phrase “email me on” and wondering how on earth they think that makes grammatical sense.


i’d maybe say ‘on’ in actual real life conversation but ‘at’ if i was writing it somewhere formally


You can’t. It’s a domain reserved for use in examples :slight_smile:


Thought about this long and hard. Think I just go with “mail” in text and speech.


“You can send an electronic message to me using the following email address - saps@dislegends.cock”


email me @


If you wish to contact me please use


Hmu on my name @ gmail


please never email me


email me through




Slide into my dms on


I can be contacted at


What size? I’ve got quite big feet.