Email signatures


just received an email from someone who appears to be so irked about people misspelling their name that they’ve capitalised, bolded and coloured the bit of their name people normally get wrong

great passive-aggressive emailing

talk to me about the best and worst email signatures you’ve encountered…


that’s just asking to be deliberately misspelled again


aye it immediately made me think she was a bellend so will definitely be spelling it wrong in my reply


Used to work with (in audit, natch) someone whose internal signature included the line “if it isn’t documented, it isn’t done”.


We have a template and get a few that literally have the top filled in then say the rest as read

First Surname

Job Title

Mobile: 07xxx xxx xxx


Any Street, Any Town, Any County, Postcode

Tel: 0xxx xxx xxx




I hate it when someone puts a kind regards, their name in an email AND has it as part of their signature.


Best Regards,



Definitely look down on anyone with “B.Sc” in their email signature.




All the phone numbers should be together, otherwise some solid signature work there.


Email address in your email signature?

  • Of course
  • Do I look fucking stupid to you? Do I? Well?

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It’s in there because I might be sending it from the departmental mailbox.

  • Different signatures for different… needs
  • Just the one signature for me, ta

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Either no signature or the signature.


I have facebook, twitter, linkedin and youtube links for my company in my signature. not sure why or if anyone asked me to do that, but there they are


it makes it look nice and balanced for some reason


Ours are standardised

Division : Roll
Mobile: Email : Website


as in breakfast roll of choice?


No. Forwards or backwards


This isn’t her signature, but my colleague ALWAYS signs off every email:

All best

I have tried, unsuccessfully, to get her to write ‘All THE best’ but she just won’t do it. ‘All best’. I don’t know why it bothers me so much but it does.

All best.