Email signatures

i used to work with a woman who signed off her emails


not her initials but an abbreviation of “best regards”

what a roaster she was


Yeah apparently my company has an Instagram, because it’s linked in my email signature. Who the fuck follows a chemical company on Instagram.

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Haven’t had an email signature in 5 years

630 followers. Deeply embarrassing.


How emails a week do you get starting with “Folks,” ?

Probably at least one a day here

Mostly obvious bots, too. Excellent.

We were told that any upcoming holidays should go in email signatures.

I did not do this.

I edit my mobile number out of the signature when dealing with someone who’s a pain in the arse.


big fan of using “delay delivery” in outlook when dealing with absolute cunts so they receive the reply right at the end of the day or after i’ve left for the day/weekend


I would fully expect robots to follow chemical companies on instagram, it’s just like us following BrewDog or something


Tell you who are absolute waste, people who have the switch board number on their email signatures. I want a direct dial you villainous scum!

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Got asked by someone who is not a manager to put on an out of office every day after going home. I did not do this.


I don’t answer our switchboard. If it’s someone who actually needs to speak to me, they’ll have my direct number.

There are plenty of internal wangs here where I have to go through an internal switchboard with recorded messages and stuff from their email. Just tell me your mobile you weak, pathetic human.

Mossad, mate.

I had a tutor who always did it and now I often do it too.

I think it’s a contraction of “all best wishes”, rather that “all the best”, but that’s just me.

not a thing


or perhaps she’s always cold?


Do you use gender pronouns in your signature?

  • Yep
  • Nope

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