emailing large files

what’s the biggest file you’ve ever emailed

just did a 12mb there

this is a large file. consider using the file transfer system

yeah i considered it, thanks. SEND.

I’ve definitely tried to send an email over 30MB before because at my work the limit used to be 30MB and it got blocked cos it exceeded the limit. don’t remember what was in the gargantuan file though, sorry.

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about 500gb


congratulations on your large files

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must have taken ages

Transferring large files is for people engaged in one of the espionages (industrial/corporate/international).

Anything over 25MB and we stick it up on dropbox/wetransfer

Some people think we’re still living in 2003 where a 3mb attachment will mean the receiver hits their inbox limit

Also, some people will upload an 30mb file to send via WeTransfer while mailing from their gmail account when their Google Drive is right there

Some people eh?


Large files are dealt with through the document management system now, obviously.

How about large flies? How are they dealt with?

With extreme prejudice

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is this the filth thread


When I am back in work I’ll try reordering by size and tell you.

hubba hubba


No, you’re looking for the “receiving large packages” thread

24 MB apparently.

thanks theo

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Dunno buts know its less than 24mb



Ooo 21mb.

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