Emails you delete on sight

Anything containing the word “alumni”.

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Your LinkedIn invitation from [redacted] is awaiting a response.


“Board Announcement”

‘Drowned in Sound Community Summary’


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Might be about cake though.

REDACTED on Yammer”


Anything from senior management, it’s invariably somebody being congratulated for a promotion to some obviously made up position.

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Fuck off Sean

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“Yammer” might be my work email equivalent to “alumni”, actually.

We get an identical fortnightly email from the reception reminding people to let reception know in advance of any visitors your expecting

They don’t seem to be deleted.

Like fuck is that High Importance one worthy of a red exclamation mark.

top tip: automatically bin everything that contains the word ‘unsubscribe’


Momentum/Labour Party/that thirty something degree political lobbying thing with the horrendously exploitative email subjects

Anyone that sends anything with a high importance flag and a read receipt, because the people that do this are never sending important emails


“Your inbox is almost full”

And how is this helping?

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