Embarrassing acts of "rebellion" you now cringe at

had an office job when i was about 19 and had this as my desktop background, was convinced at the time i was really “sticking it to the man”

was going to limit this to teenage rebellion but if you’ve acted like a cringeworthy bellend beyond these years feel free to share…


Me and some pals started using a school locker as a bin, then decided to properly amp it up and put in milkshakes, some fish etc then padlock it shut before the holidays.

When we came back the whole locker block had been taken away and there was a huge stain on the wall behind it that never went away.

Absolutely pointless act of vandalism.

Sat in my dad’s favourite armchair one evening to watch Telly Addicts, knowing that he’d want to sit in it.

He made me get out of the chair after hitting me with a slipper, and I stormed off, and didn’t speak to him for a few days.

28, I was.*



After reading “No Logo” by Naomi Klein, I tried to unpick the logo from my Nike rucksack. Made a right hash of it, though.


Blew up an orbital battle station once. Bit pointless, they just built basically the same thing again twice.


this kind of thing always happened at our school when the 6th years left their common room for the last time

lots of fish put under ceiling tiles, under the floorboards, fire extinguishers let off etc

luckily i’d been kicked out long before 6th year so couldn’t get involved

:joy: that kind of machine embroidery is essentially unremoveable

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I covered up the Nike logo on my school rucksack with a patch from Cardiff’s premier goth/emo shop.

It was Kurt Cobain’s suicide note.


my rebellious stage was over by the time i was about 12

mainly consisted of playing truant, writing all over everything, outright refusing to partake in certain lessons and subjects, twisting school uniform rules etc. (wearing badges, altering my skirts, wearing all black trainers)

reminder that i left school once my 14th birthday came around, so am definitely far more punk than any of you

never wrote on public property. only my own.

^Took GCSEs a year early.

Tippexed names of bands on my school bag


didn’t sit an exam until after i’d turned 16 ACTUALLY
(started my coursework in year 8 though, lol)

Such a swot.

probably writing Korn on everything with a backwards K -_-

Yes, I figured this out after about half an hour!

At least you were persistent, which is an important part of stupidity.

I once had a Che Guevara t-shirt