Embarrassing confession

I’ve never actually seen the beginning of the film Titanic until now. I thought (until now) that the old woman at the end was a real-life survivor of Titanic, not an actor playing the character of old Rose.



Clearly you weren’t party to the in-cider gossip at the time.

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what? it is her, isn’t it? didn’t they make a big song and dance about taking her to the premiere or something…

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Think the song and dance is somewhere around halfway through the film


The ship sinks

They drowned her in the end for dramatic effect.

Thought this was a real person not an actor

End of that sentence is ‘since this bloody film started’


Awww lovely lovely Gloria Stuart

Theres a good episode of Blank Check about Titanic where they go into what a genius move it was to have old Rose on the ship at the beginning because it gives them an excuse to explain why the ship sank, how it broke in 2 etc. Means that when the action is kicking off the film never has to stop for exposition as the audience already understands everything.

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