Embdy been to Bucharest?

Any tips on a city break there would be greatly appreciated. Mainly for the purpose of eating and drinking. Me and a group of male pals - not a stag do and not really a lads, lads, lads thing hopefully.

How very dare you. Playful scottish vernacular I’ll have you know.

Also have you been to Bucharest?

This guy!

Enjoy the rest of your evening/weekend.

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Only briefly. Went to have a look at the Palace of the Parliaments, which is as ludicrous as you’d imagine. We went to a brewery, too, which had quite a nice bar attached. Can’t for the life of me remember what it was called, though, so that’s totally unhelpful, sorry.

This was one of the options but for some reason we’re now thinking Bucharest.

What would you have to say about Budapest?

You can get a tour of Ceacescu’s old house, it’s quite good

I have not been but will go in the summer so thanks for the thread

Are you sure you wouldn’t rather remain-ere

I went a few years ago. Went round the National village museum which has loads of spooky old wooden houses and a great restaurant. I didn’t get into the palace though as it was closed.

For drinking I would recommend the Caru’cu Bere which was a bit cheesy, being full of tourists and having impromptu folk dancing. It’s a really impressive old pub though and has a huge menu of Romanian food. Abel’s wine bar was great as well. Loads of Romanian wines and craft beer. The staff were really friendly and offered recommendations.

The Guardian has a good guide to Bucharest- Bucharest city guide: what to see plus the best bars, hotels and restaurants | Bucharest holidays | The Guardian
The Amateur Traveller podcast about Bucharest was really helpful as well. They recommended a really good cafe in someone’s garden!


Yep! Went with a pal in September 2018.

Echoing recommendations of Parliament building and Ceaucescu’s house - I was obsessed with the swimming pool room at the latter. Near the parliament building there are loads of fountains and they do hologram/light shows at night sometimes. King Michael Park (near Ceaucescu’s house) is quite nice and they have a rip-off Arc de Triomphe just next to it.

Manuc’s Inn (/Hanu Lui Manuc) is great for food, if you go in the evening they have live music and it’s proper old. we had the caramelised lamb knuckle which i can strongly recommend. Taverna Covaci also worth visiting as they do papanasi with cream and cherries - kind of like a doughnut thing, it is unbelievable.

if you’re an instagrammer who likes colourful things there’s an alley somewhere near the university that has loads of rainbow umbrellas. we did a couple of walking tours as well which gave us a good sense of the history of Romania (which i didn’t know much about, apart from a vague sense of it being one of the worst regimes in Europe).

we got a lil bit bored there after 4 days. it’s far less attractive than most European cities i’ve been to in part because loads of the old city was destroyed under Ceaucescu :frowning:


Not these guys…

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