Embrace The Inevitable (no election stuff)

I think it is inevitable that I will end up watching the Gavin and Stacy Xmas special over the Christmas period. I don’t want to, I won’t enjoy it much, but it will almost certainly happen.

Anything inevitable going to happen to you in the forthcoming months?

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I will narrowly miss the train I want to catch from Munich airport, and will then spend 2 hours at munich airport until the next one.

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Fuck gavin and stacey

inevitable that i’ll still be working this shite job instead of something worthwhile

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This is prime Thursday content.
Hope you have fun!


thanks. I got the idea when I saw a thing for G & S and thought “I bet I end up watching that shit”

Ah no I meant Sheeldz saying that the inevitable thing for him is him fucking gavin and Stacy. Thursday filth innit


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It’s inevitable I’ll eat the packet of these in my bag…

but that’s more like the forthcoming minutes


Spend most of Christmas eve pub drinks listening to someone boring on about how we should have gone to a different pub.

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It’s inevitable I’ll order veggie pizzas for dinner tonight

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I will inevitably, at some point in the next few months:

  • go to work without my keys
  • go to work without my pass/ID badge

Absolute king of minor inconveniences for me, this. Can’t get through the upstairs door into the office without it and people are under STRICT INSTRUCTIONS to not answer people knocking on it so I need to back downstairs and start calling colleagues at random to see if anyone are inside to let me in. Obviously don’t know their extensions so I have to look them up on the Cisco phone by keying in their names on the numpad etc. Awful.

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I’d be completely screwed!


Not sure if you’re going into town or someplace else, but I was very surprised at the feeble frequency of trains to the city from that airport.

There’s loads aren’t there? Number 8 is my go to but I think there’s another one that goes to Hbf by a different route.

Going to kitzbuhel. Which is in a different country tbf. But still. Sync your trains/planes lads!!

Spend a couple of hours contemplating the honour of being at my birthplace.

Munich airport?