Just in time for the next Bandcamp no-fee day (and 10 whole years after DiS gave Does It Look Like I’m Here? album of the year) Emeralds are putting up a bunch of old recordings, including remastered cassettes and CD-Rs:

And much as I love some of the various solo releases by the three of them, the “more Emeralds activity tba” bit of this has me properly hyped up:


I’m a big fan of early OPN as well as some of the kosmische musik sort of stuff they both draw upon. Wheres a good place to really start with Emeralds though?

Does it look like I’m here? Is a classic


Yeah, that one’s a great entry point. Or if you want to get stuck into their dronier stuff, Solar Bridge is probably my favourite of their other records.

The recording of them live at Unsound (from the Does It Look… era) is pretty great too:

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This is all great. I am well overdue a Does It Look Like I’m Here? revisit

Also…I had no idea John Elliott was putting stuff out as Imaginary Softwoods and I had no idea about the first Emeralds album - What Happened

good stuff.