Emergency Mattress Topper Thread

Emergency might be overstating it somewhat, but I’m certainly very keen to gauge the hive’s opinion on mattress toppers.

I’ve slept on one before; seemed alright.

I’ve got one. Bought a deep sided one so that it didn’t keep popping up from my extremely thick mattress. To say that I have been pleased would be an enormous understatement.

ie I have been very pleases

Our mattress has got a built-in layer of memory foam on the top. Well comfy innit.

That will still get shit stained if you do a liquid run on it so you probably want to protect it.

what one’s that?

If you expect me to spend the next five minutes trying to find out what sort of mattress topper I have then, well, you are in luck.

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invest in a good one, change the game.

pay peanuts for a basic one, might as well flush your cash down the toilet.

I don’t trust the price

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How about £14.99?

got any recommendations for good ones?

Not really a problem when it gets covered in sweat marks, etc though is it - not like your going to be displaying it to anyone.

John Lewis


ive got a massive solid latex mattress

don’t need any of this topper shit

£185 for one without a skirt. Unbelievable!


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Normally just going to take the skirt off once I get them in to the bedroom anyway though

You can get a good mattress for not much more than that!

Can’t help it if he pees the bed though.