Emergency Newcastle Pub/Restaurant Advice

(fires the @Penoid signal)

Family-friendly pub/restaurant suitable for taking a parent out for a “special” birthday that you totally have not just remembered about. On Saturday.

Shearer’s Bar

Gotham, opposite the station. Great place.

I have passed that place many times and assumed it to be awful… wait are you guys…?

yeah it’s the actual worst place in newcastle. pro-edl and a bonafide shithole.

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any dietary requirements (veggies?)




Well it would be nice if they did pizza for the kids I guess.

loads of great stuff here: www.facebook.com/placestoeatwithyourfamilyinnewcastle


Not the most convenient if you’re looking central and I dunno what it’ll be like in November, but Riley’s fish shack in Tynemouth is probably my favourite food place I’ve ever been to. It was also on the quayside but recently closed.

Recently had this write-up from Jay Rayner https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2016/oct/30/rileys-fish-shack-tynmouth-restaurant-review-jay-rayner

Otherwise Cal’s Own in Jesmond does genuinely the best pizza in the world.

paradiso are v. accommodating. francesca’s is still open.

yeah but he’s a fucking prick irl and i didn’t think it was kid friendly?

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oooh yeah - I read that!

this place ?


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probably need somewhere we can book in advance and rock up to. time is going to be a bit tight.

http://bottleshopbar.co.uk/ - Nicely done (but different) pub food and a very nice selection of craft beers and ales and all that shite if you’re into that sort of thing. The tables are quite big so family bookings probably aren’t a problem.

http://www.brandlingvilla.co.uk/ - Good burgers, be aware/be worried that is a very dog friendly pub.

http://www.theforthnewcastle.co.uk/ - If I remember right there’s not that much variety for food and it’s a bit pricier, but I’ve heard pretty great things about it. Not eaten myself because there’s usually not veggie options.

yeah if it’s still open. good with kids.

sambuccas, tyne tunnel