Emergency vehicle callout count πŸš’πŸš‘πŸš“πŸš€

How many have you had to call/get called for you?

Police: I called the police 2 times, once because I saw a drunken man asleep in the freezing cold looking near dead and was worried for him and once because someone was screaming at night and I was worried for her.

Ambulance: 2 times it was called for me (when I had a concussion aged 8 and fainted as an adult) and called the ambulance once for a friend who was about to faint

Fire engine: I started 2 fires by accident, once in a lab during my 3rd year undergrad when I was innoculating eggs with the flu virus and knocked a bunsen burner into the plugs, and once when my cat was being cute in the garden and I forgot about the oil I was heating to make chips and returned to a column of fire, both times a fire engine was called

So 7 total. Never had to call the coastguard

In triple figures probably. Mainly ambulances, but also a couple of police calls too. Was a first aider at work for 10yrs or so. CW death: had to call an ambulance and perform CPR after a customer had a stroke, collapsed and hit their head on a fridge. That was grim.

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Sadly, loads.

A few ambulances when I have came across People needing first aid. No details but some have been grim. I’ve talked about them on here before.

I had to call a fire engine once on a bin on fire.

Called 999 when my landlord was trying break into my house.

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Quite the superhero origin story!


I am the villain in that story because the eggs were fertilised :sob:

Police - 3 times, once when I thought we were being burgled, and twice recently because my neighbour kept leaving his mum who has dementia out in the rain.

Ambo - once when my friend was having a diabetic fit.


Police never
Fire never

Ambo. Once when I fainted and cracked my head open on the kitchen floor, twice in a row, and had no car and two young kids so was a bit 🀷. They came and glued me up.

Police - once, because some drug dealers kept doing their business outside my apartment. I’d have been fine with it except for the fact that they’d do it at 1am and leave their engines running for half an hour night after night and I couldn’t sleep.

Called 2 ambulances for homeless guys near my old place, and 1 for my grandma who’d had a stroke.

Never had one called for me, but probably called an ambulance or police like 10-15 times altogether? Mostly work related and luckily no really major things (people passed out drunk etc).

Police: loads, mainly from my old pub when there was trouble. Couple of times on our old neighbours in Bath when he was audibly beating her up.

Fire: once at my old pub when an electrical socket caught fire

Ambulance: Once when me and my mate were walking home from the pub at about 1am and saw someone fall out of a third floor window had to put him in the recovery position and hold his leg bones together until the ambulance came, they said he’d have died if we weren’t passing by