Eminem - Revival

Out now

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I’m going to put things into perspective. As someone who thought Recovery a bland but inoffensively listenable record and Marshall Mathers 2 solid enough that this album is easily the worst thing he’s put out since Encore. It’s not as embarrassing as Encore (which was fucking ass outside of Yellow Brick Road) this album is just such a plodding disaster with credibility shattering features (I mean as much credibility as you could have I guess) and incredibly cheap and cheesy production.

The fucking state of that guitar sound on ‘Untouchable’ it’s one of the worst rap rock songs I’ve ever heard. Makes the Prophets of Rage album seem tolerable in comparison.

jfc marshal

I want to see eminem do well but this is unlistenable

Saw an advert. Said it featured Pink and Ed Sheeran.

No thank you


Really like MM2. But fucking hell, there’s no positive review imaginable that could convince me to spend any of my time giving this a chance.

Signs Conway, Benny the Butcher and Daringer - gets guest spot from X Ambassadors.


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it’s ludicrous how reliable Eminem’s sales numbers are even when he drops clear duds


Considering the last one did 800k, I’d say that’s fairly disastrous

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