Never hugely invested, maybe scratch that, he pushed music on, no doubt, and I like that. Clear skills. I enjoyed watching him blow up for sure. Maybe he’s a tad forgotten in recent times? Wild skills here, love the (fast) pace.

Thought he was dead then

Questioned post including not dead, yet 4:25 shows the energy that suggest he may outlive most of us.

probably one of the worst rappers/people ever


Disagree. After Ad Rock, arguably the 2nd best white person to rap?

his voice is so grating, maybe the worst ever

gotta give it to him on this freestyle tho

Very good example for the argument that being talented and making good music don’t go hand in hand. Awful

He had the biggest rap album of last year (in EOY chart # terms anyway):

Morgan, 11, says he has heard Eminem on Fortnite, but greets any follow-up questions with disarming bemusement. Like, why are you asking me about this old man?

Funny paragraph imo




Some teenagers were talking to me about hip hop and i was listing a few of my faves and then they asked me about eminem.

I told them i didn’t really rate him and they replied “So you don’t like real hip hop then?”


It’s so crazy how far rap’s moved on from his sound, and how much he just quadruples down on it. Guy’s had a wild life, has crazy skills, access to best production money can buy, etc - could probably make something quite interesting and cool by just opening up - but he seems trapped by everything he’s done.

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Got the impression that he ended up (and probably started) quite damaged by the whole megafame thing and retreated a bit. Seems on the right side of most politics, but the edgelordy late 90s stuff is pretty eye-rolly isn’t it?

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Last two minutes of this track is brilliant.

Never liked him much, never bought an album, I imagine his stuff has aged terribly, still know all the words to Without Me.

I still enjoy his early albums to an extent but a lot of it is real hard to go back to.

The joys of horrorcore as a genre i guess?

His new stuff is outright terrible though. Everything after mmlp2 is legit horrendous. Like bottom of the barrel awful

Very much a product of hus time but the moment he started producing most his own nisic was qheb it fell apart

Is he an awful person as people seen to suggest? Maybe once upon a time but these days im not so sure.

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Marshall Mathers LP and the Eminem show are 2 very very good records, seminal even and like him or not a hugely important entry to rap/ hip hop for most of the mainstream. Rest is dross.

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stan man


Listening to the stories around the release of Encore. He was definitely damaged by the media exposure and his childhood sounded awful

Apparently hed just take shit loads of drugs and just make fartong noises into the mic and was really erratic and had lost all of writong chops. By all accounts he was a mess and Encore is the case study for this with nothing but tasteless jokes and fart sounds

Why does his face look weird now, like he’s permanently got an ultra intense expression on/wearing a mask

He looks like David Gest

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